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European regulatory perspectives: Less is more!


Jonathan Hill, former European Commissioner, took stock of his achievements on 12 July, during a speech at the Bruegel Institute. He drew up the work carried out during his mandate as Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services, and Capital Markets (FISMA) and detailed upcoming challenges for the institution.

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Forget FinTech, here are RegTech!


You just got familiar with FinTech. Here is its evolution that has rocked the London 2016 FinTech Week edition: the RegTech (for ‘Regulatory technology’). The ambition: to manage all regulatory aspects, from the determination of ratios to the risk mapping and KYC management [1].

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Digital transformation in Banking

The actors: Banks, Telecom operators, Fintech and non-bank players. Their objectifs, strenghs and weakenesses.
Which digital strategy?
Why SAB?

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MIF 2: impacts on the Information System for distributors of financial products



Digital transformation: the Challenges of the banking distribution


WAEMU: the importance of financial services


Present in FIFAS 2015 in Abidjan, SAB Group participated in the debate on the role of financial services as the main driver of inclusive growth in the WAEMU region.

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