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Data protection – GDPR


General data protection regulation (GDPR): from prior formalities logic to compliance logic

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Instant payment


1 – What does it mean?

It’s a new payment instrument available 24/7/365 and resulting in the immediate or close-to-immediate interbank clearing of the transaction and crediting of the payee’s account with confirmation to the payer. (Definition of the Euro Retail Payment Board (ERPB)

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IFRS 9 – a new regulatory change in 2018: are you ready?


On 24 July 2014, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) completed the final element of its overall response to the financial crisis by publishing the final version of the standard “IFRS 9 – Financial Instruments”, replacing the standard “IAS 39 – Financial Instruments: recognition and Measurement”.

IFRS 9 is to date still not approved by the European Union.

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AnaCredit: Analytical Credit Dataset


  1. What is AnaCredit ?

AnaCredit is a project of the European Central Bank (ECB) which seeks to create a European statistical database for the credits granted by the financial institutions in Euro zone countries and/or countries that have joined the Banking Supervision Mechanism (MSU).

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FINREP: European Prudential Financial Reporting


FINREP: FINancial REPorting, created in 2008, is a consolidated accounting reporting based on the IFRS standards.

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MIF II: the revised Directive on Financial Markets


  1. Context

At the end of 2009, and after the August 2008 financial crisis, the European commission initiated work to review the MIF directive adopted on 21 April 2004.

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