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COSI: Systematic communication of information


The laws No. 2013-100 of 28 January 2013 and No. 2013-672 of 26 July 2013 (law on the separation and regulation of banking activities) have created for the credit, payment and e-money institutions an obligation of systematic information communication (COSI) to Tracfin (anti-money laundering cell of Bercy) on:

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FATCA, the US law on tax compliance of accounts managed abroad


  1. What is FATCA law?

Origin: American legal arrangement adopted in March 2010 that has an extraterritorial scope.

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Target 2 Securities


  1. What is it?

T2S is a Eurosystem technical platform on which the central securities depositories (CSDs) will entrust the management of their securities settlement-delivery activities in central bank money based on harmonized methods.

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