SAB Services, subsidiary of SAB banking software vendor, specialized in SaaS and BPO activities, has obtained PCI-DSS delivered by VERIZON. It implements the software packages for card payments management of the vendor and secured hosting equipment in compliance with the standard « Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) ».

PCI-DSS is a data security standard for payment card industries and is created by PCI SSC council. PCI-DSS is set to protect cardholder data. The standard applies to all organizations that store, process or transmit cardholder data.

SAB Services, SAB subsidiary for SaaS outsourcing and subcontracting

SAB Services hosts and outsources the banking applications of its clients. These applications might include cardholder data.

 SAB Services offers AT On Demand for PCI-DSS, its certified tokenisation solution involving a technical architecture (hardware and software) and procedures consistent with PCI-DSS requirements.

AT On Demand for PCI-DSS enables SAB Services clients to outsource their PCI-DSS constraints, in order to be quickly certified, to reduce their risks by desensitizing their information system and to limit the costs.

Open AT for Tokenisation, the new offer from SAB

SAB, SAB AT software publisher, took to the highest level of security standard its cards management solution that administrates and stores the card number; and used it within a context of transaction authorisation and clearing.

SAB offers Open AT for Tokenisation, its tokenisation solution, to its clients under license. Open AT for Tokenisation, compliant with OWASP 10 development standards, enables banking and financial institutions to achieve PCI-DSS certification by desensitizing their information system and by reducing the scope of PCI-DSS compliance and/or certification.