Consulting and integration

Implementation services: a proven methodology observing scope, timeframes and costs!

Sab has developed its project methodology from experience gained during more than 200 individual projects.

The methodology is a crucial element in the success of the project, and is presented to the assigned bank team at an early stage.

It is based on the exact definition of all parties involved in the project, the logical break-down of tasks into projects or sub-projects, each with clearly identified leaders, and the on-going monitoring of each subject to ensure that everything is fully covered.

The Quality Control Plan embraces this methodology. This methodology has been ratified by major consultancies acting for clients in defining their requirements.

Integration services cover:

  • Development of interfaces

This involves any third party system interfaces used by the client (e.g. Group reporting) or non-financial solutions (e.g. payroll management). The interfaces function in real-time or by using daily data-feeds.

  • Data transfers

This stage of the project is too often neglected, and a major source of data transfer problems is linked to the input of erroneous data or incomplete due to the absence of adequate controls, into the new solution.

SAB assists in data transfers through the use of standard business services (i.e. those used by the application itself), controls designed by our specialists, and an extensive range of error reports.