Corrective and scalable maintenance

A responsive, flexible, and secure maintenance!

Problem solving

The maintenance team can be contacted by telephone and e-mail, and in French or English. It is available 5 days a week, 12 hours per day. Any other particular requirements can be put in place at the clients’ request.

All client requests for either support, information, or developments are recorded on the RIGA support internet site ( which connects the internal SAB teams to the clients. This tool enables all clients’ requests to be monitored on-line.

A Frequently-Asked-Questions database (FAQ) has been established to provide answers to common questions.

Scalable maintenance

SAB provides new versions of its solutions within its maintenance program and in accordance with the modules acquired by each client.

The new versions incorporate all functional upgrades originated by either the Research & Development teams or via clients or Users Club requests.

New version upgrades are automatically loaded by tools developed in-house by SAB.