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Author: Emmanuel Noblanc

PSD2: putting an end to confusion between one-time password (OTP) and strong authentication!


The Annual Report of the “Observatory for Payment Card Security for the financial year 2017 published by Banque de France on Tuesday, 10 July 2018 (in French), intends this year to provide operational insights on PSD2 regulation, which entered into force on 13 January 2018 and the set of RTS rules to be applied by latest on 14 September 2019.

In doing so, it contradicts some ideas commonly received. What needs to be retained?

Payment institutions in Morocco: a starting point to a new FinTech ecosystem!


Circulars related to the payment institution status have been published recently by Al-Maghrib Bank and specifies the details of implementation of the “banking law” dated 5 March 2015 in Morocco.  

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PSD2: impacts on Core Banking System (CBS)


In addition to a wider scope than the first, the PSD2 also implements new services such as payment initiation and accounts information that have an impact on the CBS or the information system of banks and financial institutions.

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EMV chip cards deployment in USA: which potential impact on payment cards security?


 “The shift of liability” of fraudulent transactions of point-of-sale payments in the United States of America will enter into force on 1st October 2015.

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The new banking law in Morocco: an opening rich in opportunities for banks and new financial intermediaries

Bank Al-Maghrib

Law n° 103.12 on credit establishments and assimilated bodies that was first passed in November 2014 and called “Banking law” was published in the Official bulletin N° 6328 (Arab Version) and N° 6340 (French Version) on March 5th, 2015.

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