Our CSR report 2018/2019 – 11th Communication On Progress (COP) – has been validated and published on the UN Global Compact website.

For the 6th consecutive year, SAB Group has obtained the Advanced level (the highest), following the defence of the annual report in front of the Global Compact and peers from the same level.

In 2018, SAB Group highlighted the impregnation of the Group’s CSR strategy by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDOs) of Agenda 2030 and therefore by each of the four pillars, namely the application of human rights, respect for international labour standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption in all its forms.

Thus, the major actions included in the 2018 statement are:

  • ODDs in communication and at the heart of the CSR strategy
  • Integration of whistleblower protection into the SAB Code and SAB internal regulations
  • Emphasis on partnerships for Sustainable Development (disability, educational projects, recruitment, responsible purchasing, networks and community commitments)
  • The Group Jobs & Skills Reference System
  • The sponsorship of new hives in Monaco and the continuation of the reforestation operation in Lebanon.

Every day, we act for tomorrow.