SAB Group and the sustainable development

SAB is a group reliable for the impact of its actions on the society and the environment.

Having subscribed to a CSR policy for a number of years, SAB, through its various actions undertaken, has made a constant contribution towards the respect of fundamental social and environmental principles and the protection of bio-diversity.

In 2007, the Group joined the UN Global Compact.

Step by step, the entire SAB Group has been more actively involved in the CSR approach; the sum of the results obtained at every level of the company, at every site, in France and beyond in its international subsidiaries, revealed a determination well anchored now in the approach that has been pursued by the Group for the last 10 years.

SAB Group has undergone major organizational changes and has evolved in accordance with these principles:

  •  Human Rights and Labour Standards for which SAB is moving towards a harmonization of employee benefits, throughout all the sites of the Group on the basis of what exists in France – good practices transmitted to the Global Compact to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Guide – and training for all via its SAB Academy entity.
  • Environment for which SAB Group has reduced inter-site travels via the deployment of videoconferencing on all its sites, and has been enrolled in sustaining biodiversity through strong initiatives such as the installation of hives site after site, and most recently as part of an extensive reforestation program.
  • Fight against Corruption for which SAB Group has implemented a code of ethics where all employees apply the so-called “good conduct” rules and which includes the whistleblower procedure.

Promoting the fundamental principles of the Global Compact that are Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environment and Anti-Corruption remains our goal. For this, SAB makes every effort and communicate annually its best practices to the UN. Its 11th Communication on Progress (Cop) for 2018 has been validated and SAB Group maintains its Advanced status for the 6th time.

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