Our environmental responsibility

Actions to promote the environmental responsibility

Reducing paper consumption

paperlessThe monitoring of our various consumption and particularly the paper consumption is part of our everyday life. For example, the administrative services digitize a maximum of documents, the training materials are available on the server, the internal newsletter is readable online. 

So we reduced by half the global paper consumption by person since 2017.

Thanks to the paper recovery and recycling policy implemented in collaboration with the solidarity firm ELISE, head office employees recycled 4 tonnes of paper in 2016, saving the equivalent of 63 trees. This approach has also contributed to the long-term employment of many disabled employees.    

Recycling of our equipment and W3E

SAB has also implemented a policy of sorting and recycling of equipment and W3E: the CPUs and laptops are rented for 3 years (renewal up to third year); recycling is, therefore, provided by the manufacturer-supplier.

Screens are purchased at the end of the 3 years and kept till the end of their life-cycle. The oldest ones are then sold to the second-hand market in order to be re-used.

Deployment of videoconferencing

SAB has reduced inter-site travel through the deployment of videoconferencing on all its sites. Their use has also been made easier with the internal numbering for almost all sites (stop passing through the international network is saving time and money.

Protecting biodiversity – the bees

miel SABSAB protects bees since 2011, through various actions:
– installation of a hive at the company’s head office
– supporting the program to protect the Black Bee in the “Île de France” region through the sponsorship of a hive with the association “CANIF“.

In 2015, SAB has gone a step further by hosting a hive box populated with black bees from the Groix and Ushant islands to which a sustainable beekeeping is applied.

Protecting biodiversity – the bees

cedars in LebanonIn 2016, SAB Méditerranée, the Lebanese entity of SAB Group, embarked on an ecological approach to support a cedar plantation in Lebanon, reaching 185 trees. The other stakeholders of SAB Group are not forgotten, the reforestation program must continue for several years, one tree per employee, and this, site after site, to reach a total of nearly 700 cedars.

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