519 cedars planted in Lebanon on 27 October 2017

SAB Méditerranée, the Lebanese entity of the SAB Group, has been involved in 2016 in a biodiversity initiative aimed at supporting a cedar plantation in Lebanon, and this at the level of about 700 trees over 3 years. Why 700? Because 700 employees and thus the opportunity for each Group employee to feel fully involved in this action.

Each cedar tree planted will indicate the name of a SAB colleague and a certificate will be awarded to each one to formalize the action. Thus, 519 trees were planted on 27 October 2017 by the employees of the SAB subsidiary in Lebanon. This reforestation operation took place in Kfardebian, about forty kilometres north-east of Beirut, not far from the ski slopes. The operation will continue in 2018 to reach 700 trees.

This project, in which SAB Lebanon participates, is led by the NGO Jouzour Loubnan. In a very large area that will be fenced off, it is planned to plant more than 10,000 cedars and junipers. Why cedar? In addition to its very strong symbol for all Lebanese, cedar is threatened with extinction mainly because of global warming.

This environmental action is part of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) redefined by the UN in 2015 and supported by the SAB Group. The reforestation action in Lebanon is in line with the previous actions related to the establishment of hives and has been included in the SDG guide to objective 15 “land life”.

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