The commitment of SAB Group to the Global Compact

But what is the Global Compact? Why join?

This is an international initiative first launched by Kofi Annan at the UN in 1999 to allow companies and other organizations to promote a certain number of social and environmental global principles.
Through this collective and voluntary action, the Global Compact aims to strengthen the sense of corporate responsibility to achieve a more sustainable global economy.
Adherents to the Global Compact commit to support and implement a series of 10 basic principles resulting from Human Rights, Labour Standards, Environment and Anti-corruption.

SAB Group is a member of the “Advanced” Club

Late 2013, SAB Group joined the 25 French companies already validated the 3rd level of reporting.

It became evident to these proactive companies in their CSR approach to exchange good practices, and to do this, GC France had the idea to create a club GC Advanced to enable its member companies to share their feedback to experience.

Member of the Club since 2014, SAB Group contributed to the icreation of the Advanced Internet platform. It also shares its expertise with other companies in order to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs).

Finally, with its 11th annual report, SAB Group has validated for the 6th consecutive year its Advanced status, as 101 French companies at the end of December 2018.

Membership of SAB subsidiaries to their local Global Compact

In order to reinforce the spirit of the approach for the next 10 years, the Lebanese and Tunisian subsidiaries of the Group have just joined their own local network of Global Compact, as a mark of their strong commitment with the parent company.