SAB AT briefly

  • It is a core banking system which consists of over 200 modules covering the full range of bank business lines,
  • It is a robust core banking system, which allows customers to handle large volumes of clients and transactions and with low operational cost,
  • It is a flexible core banking system, fully configurable, users-oriented, responsive to any type of organization and bringing business processes,
  • It is an open core banking system, including all web services that interact easily with other systems,
  • It is an innovative core banking system, which enables real-time across all channels and entry into the digital world.

SAB AT, comprehensive solution

SAB AT: technical elements briefly

The SOA architecture is a business service-oriented architecture.

It is an N-Tiers architecture. 

Five tiers have been defined :

  • Business services management: data standardization, integration and reporting,
  • Security management : authentication and control of user access rights,
  • Transactions management : construction of transactions with business services,
  • Presentation management : Preparation of « views » (graphic presentation of transactions) and « perspectives » (organization of the view displays),
  • Client.

Each layer can be changed or replaced independently of the others, provided that interfaces remain compatible.

More than 600 services are already available within the current range of modules.

The transmitted flows use XML.

The calling up of business functions is performed via services invocation in conformity with SOA architecture.

The architecture provides each financial establishment with a fully flexible technical and organizational agility.