SAB AT: from distribution to production

A global solution to put an end to the maintenance of interfaces between applications and to meet the requirements of internal control, innovation in distribution.

Distribution / Production Architecture

SAB AT solution is a core banking system that provides a solution to the forefront of innovation in distribution channels, mobile, while allowing to manage personalized banking services.

YourPortal is the SAB AT digital banking distribution solution.

YourPortal relies on an integrated orchestration layer that interacts in real time with the production side of the SAB AT.

SAB AT, scalable solution

  1. Recovery of functions in the pages fully customizable – Graphic chart that can be shared with the chart of the institutional site.
  2. Openness to collaborative functions and content management
  3. Exchanges urbanization:
  • Simplification of flows administration
  • Centralized management of exchange security
  • Ability to use the services spread over many IS
  1. Channels/businesses interactions driven by the processes.
  2. A single source for all the channels:
  •  Consistency of the recovered information.
  • Access to services in real-time :
  • Quality of the information (e.g.,  Accounts Positions)
  1. Integration of the dematerialisation process from beginning to end

SAB AT solution can automate and drive business processes between the front and back. A supervisor function in the BPM tool controls and optimizes the business processes of the institution.

Objectives of SAB Business Process Management

Scheme BPM

FlowMind is a business process management solution covering the entire cycle of the processes.

FlowMind advantages

FlowMind advantages