Digital Banking in all its forms

SAB Digital Banking enables every bank to offer innovative and virtual products and services for all its distribution channels. It includes three software packages each intended for a separate channel: web, smartphone and in-branch ATMs.

Your Portal, Your Mobile and Your ATM constitute the very large business coverage of SAB AT software package.

SAB solution covers the needs of digital banking for retail banks, corporate banks and private banks.

This solution is also open to other back-office systems. With SAB Digital Exchange software, SAB digital banking can be connected to any business service system, like other back-office softwares or CRM systems.

The market leading technologies

In order to create its solution, SAB has used the market leading technologies to integrate them easily in the existing information systems.

Your Portal and Your Mobile are based on Liferay and Spring softwares. SAB Digital Exchange is constructed with Apache Camel.

Your Portal

Your Portal is a web server giving access to the bank via a web browser. Designed in mode “Responsive Design”, it delivers a presentation adapted to each device: computer, tablet or mobile.

Your Portal principles

– A new web generation, automated, customized application 
– For Tablet, Phone and Browser  
– Organized in independent portlets
– Defined according to the bank players and  customers  
– Fully customizable  
– Directly pre-connected to SAB AT.

Your Mobile

 Your Mobile is a complete banking application, that can be downloaded on smartphone or tablet, including specific resources of the mobile phone, such as location, SMS, contactless or QR codes transmission.

  Your Mobile principles

– Des applications mobiles nouvelle génération
– Pour Tablette et Téléphone
– Organisée en fonctions indépendantes
– Complètement personnalisable
– Préconnecté directement sur SAB AT.

Your ATM

Your ATM manages the automated functions, and enables their combination with the bank information system or smartphones. It allows innovations such as contactless withdrawal or distribution of new products according to the automated functions.

Your ATM principles

– Omni channels, modular, multi banks solutions
– Independent from manufacturers, and running on many vending machines
– Enhancing the vending machines existing functions and suggesting new functions
– Enabling end-to-end processes with the other channels (telephone, web)
– Better enhancing the ATM.

With SAB, you play in the digital world. Want to learn more about it?

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