A personalized and adaptable solution

SAB is offering a complete universal banking solution covering all the bank needs. The solution is adapted to the requirements of the different financial institutions: functinal or budgetary requirements or level of services.

You are a bank or a specialized establishment

Retail Bank? Corporate Bank? Private Bank?

The SAB AT solution covers all of a bank’s business lines, whether for private individuals, companies or private management.

The SAB AT solution is a modular solution with Front to Back urbanization. With its YourPortal offer, the SAB AT solution allows you to have an omni-channel solution.

The SAB AT solution integrates the business processes within it and allows them to be automated with its integrated BPM solution.

With the support of our customers, among others through the SAB Users Club and our partners, we are constantly evolving our SAB AT solution in terms of :

– technology
– functional coverage
– regulatory developments,

to provide our customers with a complete “Up-to-date” solution in all the countries where we operate.

You are another type of financial player

personnalized solutionPayment Institution


Islamic Finance

Ethical Finance