29 January 2015 – This one-day conference gathered key players in the banking and new technologies ecosystem to share information about the operational and strategic issues related to digital.

The event was organized by La Tribune and Next Content. A rich and varied day.

The theme for 2015: the Internet Mobile.

Pascal Schaeffer

Pascal Schaeffer, Product Manager at SAB, presented an experience feedback:

“Better serving remote clients agencies through mobile banking”.

From a situation described by an African customer in Mali (rush at counters, geographic isolation of counters and equipment rates of mobile phone near 50% for a bank ac-count penetration rate of 12%), Pascal Schaeffer showed that SAB AT Mobile Banking is offering an innovative solution enabling customers greater access to the Bank’s products and consultation of their situation. A SMS Banking solution with a safe process and in real time.

The lessons of this project both on the business and technical aspects (workflow, web services, etc.) allowed to propose original solutions for the functioning of Compte Nickel. They also feed projects related to Digital Bank and omnichannel solutions.

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