SAB Services has obtained PCI-DSS delivered by VERIZON.                                                    

SAB Services, subsidiary of SAB banking software vendor, specialized in SaaS and BPO activities, has obtained PCI-DSS delivered by VERIZON.

logo SIBOS

SAB participates at SIBOS 2015 held in Singapore                                                     

Sibos, the world’s premier financial services event organized by SWIFT, was held in Singapore on 12-15 October 2015 to facilitate debate, networking and business collaboration that collectively shapes the future of payments, securities, cash management and trade. 

Asian Banking Forum

SAB present at Asian Banking Forum 2015                                                      

The Asian Banking Forum was held on 17-18 June 2015
in Singapore under the theme “Profitable Customer Engagement”. The Asian Banking Forum is the first event to consider not only opportunity through technological innovation, but the ‘how to’; practical content on implementation of process, practice and technology. 

ABTEC 2015

SAB Silver Partner at ABTEC 2015                          

ABTEC 2015 was held on 9 & 10 June 2015 at Abu Dhabi National exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE. ABTEC is the largest and most prestigious event that convenes the entire financial technology community from across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

IFCIFC, SAB Partner to Improve Financial Services                                      
through Leading Software Technology in Middle East, Africa and Asia 

The focus of SAB's expansion in emerging markets, which will start in their operational centers in Lebanon and Tunisia, will contribute to employment generation and, ultimately, economic growth in the target regions. 

Compte-Nickel: one year later, 85000 accounts already open!                                                                                     

The SAB software solution dedicated to Payment and Electronic Money Institutions is at the heart of the Compte-Nickel Information System. SAB AT solution is characterized by an integrated functional coverage of front office and back office. SAB and the other partners are confirming their commitment with FPE.

Press release of 2 March 2015

SAB Trophy for Sustainable FinanceAll about the 2014 Edition!

To honor the best research.

The International Observatory of Sustainable Finance (OIFD), SKEMA Business School, Revue Banque Group and SAB Group have announced the winners of the 2014 edition, during a ceremony held on 12 February in Paris-La Défense.

Press release of 24 February 2015

IN Banque - L'innovation numérique dans la Banque

Better serving remote clients agencies through mobile banking                                               

IN BANQUE is the main event in France for digital innovation in the banking industry.

29 January 2015 - This one-day conference gathered key players in the banking and new technologies ecosystem to share information about the operational and strategic issues related to digital. The event was organized by La Tribune and Next Content. A rich and varied day. The theme for 2015: the Internet Mobile.