Our prime motivation : to give you back your freedom to act !

The successful application of their offer is the principal source of concern for financial institutions : How to reduce lead times? How to remain responsive to changing market conditions?
205 clients have already found the solution: SAB.

Our prime motivation, which influences the design of our solutions, can be summarised as follows :
« To assist our clients in achieving their goals without the worry of IT limitations, and within a defined cost structure customised to their individual economic model.”

IT solutions should not slow down commercial development, but, on the contrary, should provide assistance to decisions-makers and the commercial and marketing teams.

Our Research and Development teams are passionately committed to creating solutions which provide :

  • Friendly parameters : It only takes a few minutes and a basic knowledge of your business to create a packaged product using SAB solutions! A new price structure for a short-term sales campaign can be achieved using simple parameters rather than hard-coding !
  • Flexibility : SAB solutions are designed to satisfy all of your requirements, regardless of the size of your establishment, your organisation or your range of business lines.
  • Openness : SAB has developed a range of tools (including business services) to assist the smooth integration of its solutions into your existing systems (see interfaces of subsidiaries using SAB solutions with Group systems) or with statutory systems (see authorisations centres, Central Banks, Clearing systems, …).
  • Economy : Completed projects achieved with very rapid Returns on Investment (ROI), even for large establishments, and low Total Cost Ownership (TCO) which, for example, allows retail banks to achieve efficiency ratios of about 50% within markets where 65% is the norm.
  • Consolidation capacity : Proven ability to manage multiple financial establishments on a centralised basis – either with or without common parameters, single or multiple databases -, and consolidated reports, in order to generate Group financial statements for the Central Bank of the country in which the Head Office is resident. 

 The founders-leaders of SAB Group, Henri Assaf (left) and Olivier Peccoux (right) present SAB, its values and its talents.