The opening of financial institutions involves access to their information systems via APIs (“Application Programming Interfaces”); these APIs facilitate exchanges in a standardized and secure manner between information systems.

With SAB, each crucial function for the bank is available as a high availability and performance API.

Open Sab is the SaaS offer that meets the needs of PSD2 and instant payment.

Open Sab includes comprehensive API management, a strong authentication application and a wide range of banking functions based on SAB experience that can be displayed and used as an API. Open Sab includes all the management and administration functions of APIs (test, monitoring and accounting) and third party callers.

In concrete terms, for the application of PSD2, the APIs offered by SAB are in STET format and include the PSD2’s business services, such as the management of customer consents or the consultation of accounts, as well as direct integration modules with the bank’s information system.

Thanks to Open Sab, the entire banking business can be exposed in the form of APIs, with all the access security, performance and high availability.

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