The Asian Banking Forum was held on 17-18 June 2015 
in Singapore under the theme “Profitable Customer Engagement”. The Asian Banking Forum is the first event to consider not only opportunity through technological innovation, but the ‘how to’; practical content on implementation of process, practice and technology.

The retail banking sector is seeing huge opportunity for growth in revenue, especially in Southeast Asia. Existing bank customers are receiving enhanced levels of income and are in need of additional expertise, therefore there are increased opportunities for banks to offer services and solutions to existing customers and to get buy-in from potential customers.

SAB was present at ABF 2015 and participated in the sharing sessions with banks and what they need in terms of innovation to stay ahead of competition.

Yuliana Kurnianingsih

Digital banking and CRM were the main concerns of banks and SAB sales team met with operational people from these banks in emerging countries and from established ones in order to provide them with SAB knowledge and expertise in these fields.

There were also discussions on challenges of banks in emerging countries, ASEAN and Asia.

Allan Lim, from SAB Singapore Office
Allan Lim, from SAB Singapore Office

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