SAB AT, your global competitive advantage locally

a comprehensive, flexible, robust and innovative core banking system   

From day one, SAB AT has been designed to satisfy the requirements of banks transacting business in all client areas: private individuals, small businesses, companies and large multi-nationals.

Designed to a modular concept, the SAB AT solution features a broad functional coverage embracing Front Office, Back Office and transverse steering functions.

The system is:

  • Multi-establishment and multi-branch,
  • Multi-account plan,
  • Multi-language (latin & non-latin alphabets),
  • Multi-currency,
  • Multi-channel.

It incorporates detailed and user-friendly parameters, allowing establishments to customise their operations and pricing policies.

A single version for all clients and all languages.


SAB AT, a comprehensive solution

SAB AT, a solution adapted to your market

SAB AT, a scalable solution