Being a financial software vendor involves more than the basic IT business: it must provide added value to the client.

A few examples of our implementations show the variety of projects of various types and sizes (in English):

Large universal bank: Banque Palatine

The SAB SEPA solution is interfaced to the Hub to enable it to receive ING intergroup flows

Banque BIA


BIA, a specialist in foreign trade between France and the main countries within the south Mediterranean zone.


BNDA adopts SAB Group “Mobile Banking” range of services in December 2012




C2A – Compagnie de l’Arc Atlantique, is a payment institution which adopted SAB AT for its information system.
Compte Nickel


Compte-Nickel has decided to use SAB AT in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) for its Payment Institution activity.
Caisse des Dépôts


With Caisse des Dépôts SAB has a new major operational reference.