BNDA adopts SAB Group “Mobile Banking” range of services in December 2012.

BNDA (Banque Nationale de Développement Agricole) is a leading banking establishment in Mali, as much in terms of its shareholding as in its brief. The Bank has financed agricultural development in Mali ever since its initial formation. BNDA has since greatly diversified and now has a presence in all Malian economic sectors.
Within the programme of work already undertaken to promote client access to its banking services, BNDA has decided to install mobile banking solutions.
These solutions, based on mobile telephone development thoughout the country, will, in particular, facilitate an access for clients in remote locations or who cannot easily access normal counters to nearby services which use a network of approved providers.
These services mainly consist of:

  • The facility for a BNDA client to be able to perform cash withdrawals and deposits at an approved outlet, using a transaction process initiated and authenticated using an SMS transmission.
  • Balance enquiries and mini-statements 
  • Account-to account transfers
  • Transfers between private individuals
  • Payment of invoices
  • etc.

The solution proposed is based on 3 SAB AT software applications fully integrated into the BNDA banking IT system architecture.

SMS Banking

Linked into the SAB AT software, the SAB-SMS application allows bank clients to access a certain number of banking services using SMS messages from their GSM devices. This also includes “push” type SMS messages (SMS transmitted by the bank without an initial request from the client: warnings, marketing messages,…) and “pull” type SMS messages (SMS transmitted by a client to perform a banking transaction (account enquiries, Forex rate information requests, cash withdrawals, cash deposits…), with a full transmissions audit trail.

Smartphone range of services within the e.s@b solution

The e.s@b-MOB solution represents the version of e.s@b taylored for Smartphones. It covers the following functions :
• Account positions reporting
• Flash messages
• Account and transaction details
• Card outstandings
• Transfers input, latest transfer orders
• Stops input, latest stops.

Commercial front-end

The Commercial front-End offers functions which allow officers to manage client subscriptions for mobile banking products, requests/claims processing, and the monitoring of transactions processed using mobile banking.
Data specific to mobile banking are also managed within a “my wallet” agreement which, in particular, enables the identification of client mobile characteristics, authorized accounts, accessible services, and any limits linked to these services. 
The installation of these functions is scheduled during 2013, within the spirit of the partnership which has prevailed ever since the initial establishment of the relationship between BNDA and SAB Group.