The SAB AT software solution is at the heart of the Compte-Nickel Information System.

FPE, a recognized player in the world of payments

Financière des Paiements Electroniques (FPE) is a licensed Payment Institution to the French Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (Prudential Control Authority) which is marketing the Compte-Nickel service. FPE has positioned itself as a market player in payment methods, offering a range of banking services.  


Compte-Nickel is opened in 5 minutes, safely, at a newsagent/tobacconist; it allows everyone to have an account, an IBAN number and a payment card. Compte-Nickel is a current account service accessible to everyone, regardless of income requirements, deposits or assets, and without any overdraft or credit facilities.

SAB AT for Payment Institutions, a complete IT solution

FPE has decided to use SAB AT for Payment Institutions in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) for its Payment Institution activity.

Using SAB AT and the latest technologies in the market have enabled the Compte-Nickel started quickly, flawlessly and with the following advantages:

  • Real time (the client knows its account balance at any time in real time)
  • Online account management,
  • And automatic detection of potentially fraudulent transactions.

Testimony of Hugues Le Brett

Hugues Le Brett
Link to the website (in French): Compte-Nickel