Compagnie de l’Arc Atlantique – C2A: freedom to control your payments

C2A, Payment Institution

Founded in 2010, C2A – Compagnie de l’Arc Atlantique is a payment service accredited by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel (the French Prudential Supervisory Authority.).

C2A offers innovative, customisable solutions for paying and for managing expense receipts. Ideally suited to the needs of transport companies, C2A is also adapted to the specific needs of companies from other business sectors.

C2A Truck

SAB AT, the C2A core banking system

C2A has decided to entrust SAB with the task of installing its information system, which is functioning in SaaS mode (Software as a Service).

Lionel Charrut, the managing Director of C2A, justifies its choice: “Having studied several solutions, we have decided to adopt SAB who were offering a solution designed for our business together with a flexible usage in Saas mode”.

Testimony from Lionel Charrut, General Manager of C2A

Lionel Charrut, C2A

Link to the website: C2A