Automating Back Office for retail banking

Take advantage of SAB Automating Back Office for retail banking strenghts

For automating the back office of retail bank, complete and powerful IT tools are required. These enables bank to reach operational excellence and reduce costs. In order to get the best out of such software, calling on an expert to provide a solution that perfectly respond to each company’s requirements.

SAB, banking institutions IT partner

Meet the needs of banking institutions that should deploy SI infrastructure is what engages the SAB Group that specializes in the development of efficient SaaS banking solutions. The efficient SaaS banking solutions and integrated banking software developed by SAB can be programmed according to the environments in which they will be deployed, and to determine the needs of each institution while reducing operating costs and investment. Today, more than 150 organizations rely on the SAB group for the creation, deployment and management of back office applications for banking.

Automating Back Office for retail banking

The back office is where most of the tasks in banking are done, as the majority of the data is used there.. In today's highly competitive market it is vital that your bank is able to concentrate on its business and automating your Back Office for retail banking can make a huge impact on your bank's efficiency and competitiveness. With SAB, automating Back Office for retail banking can include many different modules encompassing the whole gamut of back office banking functions. Management of both regulated and unregulated savings for example sees savings twinned with credit lines. The savings module also covers term deposits, cash notes, negotiable debt instruments, passbooks and certificates of deposit. The authorisation and administration of credits meanwhile covers individuals with revolving, personal, property and overdraft credit. Company credits are managed via financial notes, overdrafts, property, syndications and structured finance

SAB's modular approach to automating Back Office for retail banking

SAB's solution for automating Back Office for retail banking continues with a comprehensive suite of software modules encompassing all aspects of back office operations. Management of guarantees covers all received and issued guarantee types including re-evaluations and optimisation of assignments to principal requirements. Management of unpaid items and doubtful debts meanwhile is flexible with automatic provisions. An important part of automating Back Office for retail banking concerns domestic payments and clearing systems. SAB's modules cover cheques, transfers, direct debits, standing orders and commercial bills. Also addressed are cards and POS management, payment flows and both electronic and manual clearing. Foreign payments are covered both in the SEPA zone and outside via SWIFT.

Comprehensively automating Back Office for retail banking

SAB's modules for automating Back Office for retail banking extend to cash management, treasury, forex and securities and even a brief perusal of our capabilities confirms that our solution is both comprehensive and robust. It is also fully integrated, each module working seamlessly with the others and also accessing external data sources where required. Our approach to automating Back Office for retail banking does not just stop at software however. We have a full range of pre-implementation scoping and consultancy services available along with proven project management techniques and individually tailored support services. Our clients benefit from expert assistance every step of the way, with pre-implementation scoping and consultancy, integration services, proven project management during deployment and finally tailored support packages post-implementation. With this complete offer our clients can be sure that automating Back Office for retail banking with SAB will be a fast and efficient process. Our clients are therefore able to concentrate on their core business while the back office looks after itself.

SAB develops powerful software that enable banks seize all opportunities brought by digital technologies in this industry. Modularity is one of SAB tools’ key strenghts ; as a result, they cover all aspects of banking. Because of their increasing role of digital technologies, new technologies deeply change the ways banks operate ; in this respect, partnering with this specialist is strongly recommended to attain operational excellence and supplement their profitability.

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