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SAB supplies back-office applications for banking since 1989. A wide set of functionalities adapt to each company’s special requirements and allow it benefit from cutting-edge technologies. On top of it software, SAB provides its customers with a complete range of professional services from pre-implementation of scope up to technical support after go-live.

Back Office applications for banking with SAB2i

The integrated banking software edited by SAB is intended in particular for financial institutions that need to deploy efficient SI infrastructure. The back office for banking and integrated banking software developed by SAB can anticipate the needs of each organization and can be configured according to any constraints (regulatory, tax...). Since it invests the IF sector in the early 90s, the SAB company publishes, develops, deploys and maintains the back office applications for banking and since then has worked in partnership with more than one hundred companies.

At SAB we know that back office applications for banking have to deliver. Our clients demand performance. They demand accuracy. Their businesses need flexibility and openness from their back office applications for banking in order for them to work together with existing applications. Systems must change as their businesses change. They insist that those systems deliver real and measurable returns on their investment. In a very quickly turn of events, there are many a times when system failures mean loss in cash and reputation. Our clients would never accept that and neither would we.

The SAB approach to back office applications for banking

From the very beginning SAB solutions have been designed with clients at the centre of everything we do. Our own experts, with first class expertise in banking and financial sectors, initiate the development. Then we partner with our clients to produce truly focused solutions, incorporating specific client requirements into the core functionality. In this way we create our integrated suites of modular solutions for retail, private and Islamic banking, along with personal loan businesses.

SAB and the importance of professional services

At SAB we know that even the best back office applications for banking cannot truly succeed without proper supporting services such as implementation, integration and maintenance. We deploy our services to our own exacting standards of Assurance, Competency and Efficiency (ACE). This guarantees the Assurance of meeting you requirements, the Competency of our business teams to complete the job and the Efficiency that guarantees the best return on investment in our sector. We are proud of our dedication to this sector, with around half of our 450 employees working in research and development so as to ensure that our banking solutions are always at the forefront of the industry.

Moving with the times, growing with our clients

Our back Office applications for banking may have many different modules but we know our clients sometimes only require certain 'best of breed' solutions for specific business areas. That is why we offer packaged modules to meet specific business requirements and integrate with existing systems. We also know that some clients want to concentrate on their business rather than manage their back Office applications for banking. Thankfully our clients don't have to be IT experts, because we are. That's why we offer facilities management, ASP or SaaS deployments for clients who want to remain focused totally on their own business.

All IT solutions published by SAB are designed to allow banks to focus on customers. Because banks can no longer delay their digital transformation, this software specialist has a mission to aid players in the financial services and banking sector to get to operational excellence and up their revenues. Thanks to an extended set of universal banking functionalities, SAB applications can meet the banks and financial institutions specific needs.

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