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Which banking CRM software provider choose?

The choice of your banking CRM software provider is essential as it has to help you to have the solutions that would perfectly fit your needs. SAB is a specialist in efficient and reliable information technology tools for banking that you can approach.

SAB, banking CRM software provider

Particularly for financial institutions, integrated front office solutions for banking, published by the company SAB should meet their needs especially the deployment of infrastructure SI. The back office applications for banking and integrated banking software developed by SAB can be programmed based on existing constraints including regulatory or tax, and can anticipate the needs of each facility while reducing the costs of deployment and investment. As a right banking CRM software provider, SAB group now has more than 150 partners, and, since it invests the segment of SI in the early 90s.

The modern banking marketplace is extremely competitive and banks must use technology cleverly to build their competitive advantage. Whereas customers in the past might remain with the same bank for life, today's customers are far more likely to change banks when they see an attractive offer. Many will in fact take products from different banks in an attempt to get the best deals possible on all banking services. Banks must therefore do everything they can to retain existing customers and attract new ones and deploying a proper customer relationship management (CRM) system is a vital component in achieving these goals. There are many CRM solutions on the marketplace and choosing the right banking CRM software provider might at first seem complex but there are some general principles that should be kept in mind.

Choosing your banking CRM software provider

Many generic CRM software companies will have offerings in the banking sector but it is really important to ensure that your banking CRM software provider has genuine experience and expertise in this complex industry. It is also important to establish whether the solution offered by the banking CRM software provider is 'native' to the banking sector or simply a customized version of a standard package. Banking clients should also remember that any CRM solution cannot be deployed in isolation. Instead it should sit at the heart of a multi-channel customer contact strategy, communicating seamlessly with other banking applications and exchanging appropriate data. In short, your banking CRM software provider should be able to demonstrate that their solution is capable of interfacing with existing systems, providing a single view of client relationships and ensuring a responsible lending regime while maximizing profitable relationships.

SAB as your banking CRM software provider

At SAB, have solutions that encompass all aspects of a bank's business and are delivered as enterprise wide systems or business unit specific modules. We are proud to have more than 20 years' experience in the banking software sector. We have more than 130 clients on five continents and 450 staff, of whom 50% are dedicated to research and development. That means choosing SAB as your banking CRM software provider will see you in good company. Our CRM solution is based on our extensive banking experience and has been designed right from the start as a native banking application. It communicates easily with our suite of Front and Back office banking applications, or those from third parties, and can be deployed as part of our wider banking suite of applications or as a discreet business solution.

SAB’s integrated front office solutions for banking are designed to meet the needs of financial institutions that deploy a new IT infrastructure or want to improve their existing information system. Covering both back and front office tasks, these comprehensive banking applications comply with current legislation and tax rules. Besides, as they are very flexible, they can satisfy all specific requirements of the client firms while helping them reduce investments and costs of deployment. Thanks to its 30 years of existence, SAB group now has more than 150 partners.

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