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Banking CRM software is used to facilitate the relationship between banks and their customers so it has to be carefully chosen. SAB propose several computational tools made for meeting the needs of banks and financial institutions.

Reducing deployment and investment costs, back office applications for banking and efficient banking CRM software developed by SAB are also configurable to the environments in which they will be deployed. Meet the needs of banks in terms of information systems, this is what engages the SAB Group is a leader in the publishing of integrated front office solutions for banking. Currently, more than 150 organizations have attributed their confidence in the company SAB for the development, integration of efficient SaaS banking solutions.

Banking CRM software

Not so long ago, customers tended to stay with their banks for a lifetime. Moving banks was perceived as difficult and even unattractive. It was more important to build a relationship with your bank over many years, which might encompass current accounts, loans, credit cards and even mortgages. The modern banking customer, however, has changed. Banking today is much more competitive than in the past and many banks actively attract new customers with special offers. Today's banking customer perceives many more reasons to change banks and will find it easier to do so. It is not uncommon now for customers to change banks many times in the course of their lives. Many will in fact cherry pick different products from different banks and select different financial products from different banking institutions. A long term relationship with its customers is still the most desirable outcome for banks, however and banking CRM software should be at the heart of that relationship.

The power of Banking CRM software

Customer relationship management software, or CRM, plays a pivotal role in a bank's relationship with its customers. Banking CRM software provides a single view of all the bank's contacts and business with the customer. this is vital on a number of levels. Firstly, it is important that a bank has a clear view of every product and account it has with its customer. This is necessary in order for that bank to adopt a responsible attitude towards lending and other financial matters. A clear overview of the bank's communications with the customers can also quickly highlight problems and allow customer queries and calls to be dealt with much more effectively.

Banking CRM software as a marketing tool

Properly deployed, banking CRM software is not just about conforming to lending guidelines and resolving complaints. Instead, it is the most powerful tool at the bank's disposal to ensure a long and profitable customer relationship. The information contained in banking CRM software allows the bank to take an overview of the customer's financial activity and needs. This customer intelligence can then be used to present the customer with suitable banking products at appropriate times. Indeed, banking CRM software allows the bank to take a pro-active approach to managing the customer relationship, spotting problems early, suggesting banking products at the right time and resolving queries easily. In today's market, banking CRM software is vital in maintaining a long and profitable customer relationship. At SAB, we are proud to be recognized as one of the leading in the field of banking CRM software. We strive always to be at the forefront of industry developments. Around half of our 450 employees are dedicated to research and development and this focus on the future allows us to make sure our clients are always one step ahead of the competition.

SAB’s comprehensive front office solutions for banking are designed to meet each institution specific needs and can be configured for the environments in which they will be integrated. Intended primarily for financial institutions, its core banking software aim to allow these latter deploys an efficient IT infrastructure. The company specializes in creation, integration and maintenance of SaaS banking applications and so far, more than 150 organizations have placed their trust in its team of experts.

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