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Banking CRM solutions allow smooth interactions between companies from banking and financial sectors and their customers. Thanks to a broad range of functionalities, all users benefit from an optimized multichannel experience. In addition to its powerful software, SAB offers a professional support to all companies that want to integrate a banking application in their information system.

Banking CRM solutions

The modern banking industry requires a whole host of IT systems, from Front Office and Back Office applications to middleware and reporting packages. All of course are vital to the proper running of the bank but perhaps it could be said that banking CRM solutions sit at the very heart of the bank's business. Banking CRM solutionsprovide the link between data and the customer and, properly used, can be a powerful business and marketing tool. At a basic level, banking CRM solutions draw relevant data from disparate banking systems to provide a single, simple view of the bank's relationship with its client. This is useful on a basic level as a method of establishing quickly the client's overall position with the bank and thus aid responsible lending.

The true value of banking CRM solutions

This banking data is overlaid by a history of customer contacts with the bank. Using this information, a client's problems and queries can be resolved much faster and without the client repeating themselves at every contact point. Good Banking CRM solutions, however, go much further than this. The single view of a customer's relationship with the bank provides the opportunity for the bank to assess needs and present appropriate products to the customer at the correct time. Such tailored and personal marketing is much more likely to be relevant to the customer and hence uptake of products is likely to be much higher. In fact, presenting useful, timely and appropriate marketing information lets the customer know that the bank is knowledgeable about their situation and interested in their business. This can be a very powerful tool indeed in customer retention and profitability.

Banking CRM solutions from SAB

There are, of course, many banking CRM solutions on the market to choose from. At SAB, however, we think that there are some criteria that should be met when choosing the correct banking CRM solutions. Any CRM provider should be experienced and knowledgeable in the banking software sector and the CRM application itself should be designed from the outset as a specialised banking application. The CRM application should also be able to communicate seamlessly with other banking applications. At SAB, we have over 20 years of experience in delivering banking solutions to our clients and we have always been at the forefront banking CRM solutions. Our depth of experience means that you can be confident that our technology and implementation methodology are both tried and tested and tuned to ensure the most effective deployment. Our banking CRM solutions are designed to work alongside our own suite of banking application or third party packages. Together with a comprehensive service offer, we believe that this makes us the natural choice as your CRM partner.

SAB develops advanced IT solutions that help banks in making customers enjoy an optimized customer experience. Flexibility is one of these tools’ major advantages ; hence, they adapt to the banks and financial institutions particular requirements. With their growing importance of new technologies, digital technologies completely overturn the ways banks operate ; therefore this software provider has a mission to assist players in the financial services and banking industry to reach operational excellence and increase their revenues.

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