Banking software vendor

Which banking software vendor choose?

The banking software vendor is a specialist of information technology tools dedicated to the banking sector. He can help you to choose the best solutions for your business. SAB proposes software that is reliable to banks and financial institutions. As they can limit the costs of deployment and investment, the integrated front office solutions for banking and integrated front office solutions for banking developed by SAB can also be configured according to the environments in which they will be deployed. Meet the needs of banks that are managing infrastructure SI is what engages the SAB is a reference in the development of banking CRM software provider. SAB is a reference in the development, deployment and banking CRM software provider today, more than 150 companies have placed their trust in him.

Banking software vendor

For any financial institution, choosing a banking software vendor is a key decision. Organisations know that they are entrusting not only their data but their very reputation to their banking software vendor. Each financial institution will have its own criteria but some factors are universal when it comes to selecting the correct banking software vendor. Experience is vital of course. This is no business for the novice. Reputation is important too. Any organisation that will be so vital in guarding your reputation should also look after its own. Openness is also important. It is crucial that any applications have open interfaces to existing systems and can incorporate legacy data. Openness also refers to the way a banking software vendor does business. Projects are mission critical and complex and having an open and honest relationship is crucial to success. You should also be sure that your software partner always has one eye on the future, harnessing new technologies to improve your business and give you competitive edge.

SAB as your banking software vendor

SAB has been around since 1989. With more than 20 years of experience we are seasoned professionals in our field. We gain knowledge and experience from our client partnerships. We have 150 customers on five continents and each one has unique requirements and insights which deepen our knowledge of our business. We concentrate on delivering a comprehensive professional services portfolio. Our experienced consultants will guide you in every step of the way, from pre-implementation scoping and consultancy, through proven project management and on to tailored post-implementation support. We are proud of our reputation as a banking software vendor and this can be seen in our extensive reference portfolio. We take a friendly, honest and open approach to our relationship with clients. Our technologies are open too and are designed to integrate smoothly with your existing systems.

The SAB Approach to business

At SAB we know that the quality of our people and our approach to business is just as important as our software applications. As a leading banking software vendor our applications have been designed by financial industry professionals with many years of experience in their field. Our systems are supported by a full range of professional services. We offer tailored packages of proven implementation, integration and support services designed with your specific requirements at their heart. We also know that many of our clients prefer not to be IT experts themselves and we offer a choice of deployment alternatives which let you concentrate on your own business. Moving with the times, we provide our applications via Software as a Service (SaaS) in private cloud computing mode. We also offer a full facilities management model. As your banking software vendor partner we know that it is our business to help yours.

Particularly designed to meet financial institutions’ needs, SAB’s SaaS banking solutions aim at helping them enhance their IT infrastructure. Covering all aspects of their business from back to front office, its integrated banking software is customizable to comply with existing regulatory and fiscal rules. By adapting to each organization imperatives, they help reducing investment and operating costs. Up until now, more than 150 companies rely on SAB for creation, integration and maintenance of global core banking software.

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