Banking solutions vendor

Which is the banking solutions vendor to approach?

If you are looking for a banking solutions vendor, SAB propose several reliable information technology tools that can be personalized according to the needs of your business. You can also ask for help for choosing the right software.

SAB, banking solution editor

Since our arrival in the segment of IT solutions in the early 90s, SAB publishes, develops, deploys and maintains the integrated banking software and has to his credit more than 150 references. Especially for banks, integrated front office solutions for banking created by the SAB group should meet their needs in terms of SI. Optimizing the costs of deployment and investment costs, the integrated front office solutions for banking and efficient SaaS banking solutions developed by SAB are also suitable according to the existing constraints (regulatory, tax...).

SAB, banking solutions vendor

Every bank knows that deciding on a banking solutions vendor is a key decision. More than ever before, banks depend upon their IT infrastructure and applications software and getting it right is an absolute must. For many customers, their bank is known to them through contacts via online banking, ATMs, phone banking and branch visits. So not only is a banking solutions vendor responsible for data and software, in many ways they are also responsible for the bank's reputation. Regulatory compliance is another key aspect of a bank's reputation management and again the banking solutions vendor is a key player in ensuring the bank's business meets all criteria. A good banking solutions vendor will not only help its clients meet regulations and manage transactions, they will also help the bank become more competitive and nimble in a fast-moving market.

Choosing a banking solutions vendor

With the choice of a banking solutions vendor being so important to any bank and so many criteria to consider, it can be a daunting task, but there are some common factors which should be taken into consideration. Experience, for example, is vital in this market. Banks are complex and high profile businesses where accuracy and reliability are an absolute requirement. It goes without saying then that any banking solutions vendor should be experienced in the industry. That complexity of business means that there are many areas which require their own software application. Does the vendor offer a complete, integrated solution or simply some business specific applications? If it is the latter, the bank could be exposing itself to many complex vendor relationships and potential headaches in integration.

SAB as your banking solutions vendor

SAB is a key player in the banking software market. We have over 130 banking clients on five different continents and more than 20 years of experience. We are proud of our dedication to this sector, with around half of our 450 employees working in research and development roles to ensure that our banking solutions are always at the forefront of the industry. Our comprehensive professional services offering together with an open approach to developing a business partnership with our clients, makes us the foremost choice as your banking software provider. We have a comprehensive and integrated offer, from Back Office and Front Office module suites to extensive reporting capabilities. Our systems can be deployed as a single, enterprise wide solution, covering every aspect of your banking business, or as a specific business solution in a best of breed approach. Together with a comprehensive service offering and open approach to business, we think that makes us the banking solutions vendor of choice for many financial institutions.

Allowing reduction of investment and costs of deployment, integrated front office solutions for banking developed by SAB may be configured to fit to the environment to which they are destined to. Responding to all banking institutions needs by assisting them deploy a robust IT infrastructure is what SAB commits to. More than 150 companies have placed their trust in this reference provider in development and deployment and maintenance of banking software.

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