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Cloud banking solutions have many advantages for banks and financial institutions that want to power their information system: cost optimization, operational excellence and improved customer service… SAB provides fully integrated software featuring a wide range of functionalities to respond to any specific business requirement, along with the support of a team of experts.

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The cloud banking solutions and integrated front office software for banking developed by SAB help identify the needs of each organization and can be configured based on existing constraints (regulatory, tax...) For financial institutions in particular, the IT solutions for banking designed by SAB should meet their needs in particular in the necessity to deploy efficient infrastructure SI. Having been launched in 1989, the company SAB publishes, develops, deploys and maintains the integrated front office solutions for banking and financial institutions and since then has worked in partnership with more than one hundred organizations.

Cloud banking solutions

Before cloud banking solutions became available, deploying enterprise wide banking software could be a complex business. Over and above selecting the right software for your business, thought had also to be given to the implementation of the applications. This could have many implications for the banking client. The client had to be sure that the applications would run on their server operating system. They also had to be sure that those servers had enough processing power and disk space to cope with demand. Then they had to make sure that their client PCs could cope with the applications and that their network could accommodate the expected traffic. It did not stop there, however. Once implemented, the IT department would have to be certain that they had a suitable back up plan in place to cope with any infrastructure failure. Then there would be repeated upgrades and patches to install without disruption to the business.

The advantage of cloud banking solutions

It can be seen from just a quick glance at the above procedures that implementing enterprise banking software could be a major undertaking. It could require significant investment in IT infrastructure and a suitably experienced IT staff. Such staff and equipment can be a costly overhead and it is an ongoing investment, requiring continuous upgrading to keep up to date and competitive. Cloud banking solutions can change all that. With cloud banking solutions your banking applications are delivered over a secure Internet connection from a remote host. In this model it is the responsibility of the applications provider to ensure he has the appropriate computing infrastructure to deliver the applications to your business. It can quickly be seen that such cloud banking solutions have distinct advantages over traditional deployment models.

Cloud banking solutions at SAB

The traditional enterprise software deployment model requires investment in time, people and resources. That can slow an organisation down and result in loss of competitive edge. With cloud banking solutions from SAB the client can deploy software almost instantly with no upfront investment in infrastructure or technical staff and no ongoing maintenance issues to manage. With no deployment issues or investment requirements our cloud banking solutions clients are able to move nimbly to take advantage of new business opportunities. Opening new offices abroad or launching new business units is suddenly quick and easy. There is also no need to stay with outdated banking applications because of the cost of implementing new ones. In this way our cloud banking solutions allow our clients to maximise their competitiveness and cement their advantage. We speak from experience as many of our clients can benefit from our 20 plus years of experience. Since 1989 we have successfully deployed our solutions to over 150 clients, positioning us as one of the most experienced in this field.

SAB supplies powerful IT solutions that enable banks take advantage of all opportunities brought by new technologies in this industry. In this age where banks have to change their way of doing business, having this software vendor as a partner is essential to attain operational excellence and up their bottom line. Scalability is one of these tools’ major benefits ; as a result, they cover all banking transactions.

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