Cloud Core banking application

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Implementing cloud core banking application is recommended for banks and financial institutions to streamline their process. As a result, they can move towards operational excellence and increase profitability, and thanks to SaaS mode, organizations that choose SAB software reduce investment, integration and maintenance costs.

The advantages of cloud core banking application

As they can optimize operating costs and investment, integrated front office solutions for banking, cloud core banking application and integrated banking software developed by SAB can be further parameterized according to the environment in which they are used. Particularly made for financial institutions, those integrated front office solutions for banking establishments; designed by the company SAB should meet their needs of information systems. Having been launched in 1989, the BSA Group designs, develops, deploys and provides continuous monitoring of the efficient SaaS banking solutions and has to his credit more than 150 partners.

Cloud Core banking application

The way that organisations access software applications has changed beyond all recognition in recent years and banking software is no exception. Previously, software was delivered in disks and CDs to be loaded onto client servers. This could be time consuming and put a heavy support burden onto the client. That client must ensure his IT infrastructure is sufficient to run those software applications. Servers must be powerful enough, have the correct operating system and enough storage space. Networks must be capable of handling the data load and even client PCs must be able to run the software. Aside form ensuring a suitable infrastructure is in place, clients must also cope with software conflicts and have staff on hand to load updates and patches. It can be seen then that client companies must retain significant IT resource in-house to cope with these demands.

Why a Cloud Core banking application is different

Migrating to a Cloud Core banking application changes all that. With this delivery model the banking applications are hosted remotely. Your provider deals with all the hassles of installing, running and maintaining the software and you simply access the software via a secure and reliable link. All that is needed at the client end is a simple web browser. This method of deploying software is known as SaaS (Software as a Service) or cloud computing. SaaS and cloud computing are growing quickly in popularity and it is easy to see why. A Cloud Core banking application for example can have many benefits over software applications delivered in the traditional way and maintained by a client's own IT staff.

Advantages of a Cloud Core banking application

With a Cloud Core banking application your financial institution is free to concentrate on your business, rather than manage a complex IT infrastructure. No software is installed at the client end, so there are no expensive servers to purchase, no storage to manage and no disaster recovery plans to worry about. With all of the IT managed by SAB, all that is needed is a simple web browser. SAB has more than 20 years of experience in this sector and have over 130 clients on five continents and a healthy reference community. With a Cloud Core banking application banks can make significant savings on their IT infrastructure. It can also allow banks to open new branches and businesses quickly, without having to wait for their IT to catch up. With so many advantages, it is no wonder that more and more banks are turning to a Cloud Core banking application to improve efficiency and competitiveness.

SAB supplies powerful IT solutions that help banks in creating an engaging multi-channel customer experience. Because of the increased emphasis on new technologies, this IT solutions vendor supports players in the financial services and banking sector to move towards operational excellence and raise their financial results. Having the advantage of modularity, SAB IT solutions offer a high degree of customization according to each company’s specific imperatives. SAB provides customers with professional services starting from needs assessment, consulting, integration up to employees training and consistent assistance after go-live.

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