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Discover SAB’s advanced core banking software

Thanks to our 20 years of experience in providing powerful core banking software to banks and financial organizations, we lead the industry. Our solution offers over 150 clients a comprehensive system covering all aspects of their business. This is made possible by an extensive list of 200 modules and more covering all Back Office and Front Office operations. Hence each company can freely choose the applications that best fulfill its needs. With this modular architecture that allows individual business modules, integration raises no difficulties, even if the system has to run with tools from other vendors. However, a wide deployment is the best way to fully take advantage of the advance features and powerful technologies of our core banking software.

The power of core banking software from SAB

In addition to addressing all Front and Back Office requirements, SAB core banking software features extensive reporting tools and a fully featured customer relationship management (CRM) module. This CRM application consolidates data from other modules and turns it into business knowledge which can be used to enhance profitable relationships with clients.

Having a single real-time view of a client's dealings with the bank also aids the ability to manage risk and provide responsible lending services. This means being able to deliver personalized and optimal services more easily and efficiently across multiple banking channels by using each customer’s history of interactions. These value-add offerings could be relevant information, special pricing or cross-selling opportunities. Such an approach ensures higher success rates of the bank’s marketing and commercial actions. This undoubtedly represents a great advantage to catch the attention of a consumer on a very competitive market where he is walking down crowded aisles. On top of rising sales force efficiency, banks will benefit significant reduction of operational inefficiencies and all cost related.

SAB's core banking software is further enhanced by our integrated workflow application, FlowMind, which allows banks to incorporate intelligent decision making into business processes. Our new graphical user interface provides an intuitive front-end for users and our multi-channel service delivery approach means that the bank's customers can do their banking business as they wish, with online, mobile, ATM and in-branch service delivery routes.

Choosing SAB as your core banking software partner

SAB is highly experienced in delivering sophisticated core banking software solutions to our clients and this experience tells us that in order to remain the core banking software partner of choice, we must also deliver innovation and real return on investment to our clients. We know that providing excellent software is not enough which is also why our new graphical user interface provides users with an intuitive way of using our applications which greatly aids productivity. We also complement our software with a comprehensive professional services offer. Our clients benefit from expert assistance every step of the way, with pre-implementation scoping and consultancy, integration services, proven project management and finally tailored support packages post-implementation.

To achieve more of this, half of our 450 employees are dedicated to research and development and this commitment has allowed us to offer new software delivery models to our clients, such as Software as a Service (SaaS), facilities management and cloud computing. Adopting such strategies has allowed our clients to reduce their IT infrastructure overheads and concentrate on delivering profitable products and services to their clients. Together with a comprehensive professional services offer, SAB is ideally positioned to be your partner in core banking solutions.

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