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Take advantage of SAB's comprehensive core banking software

With 20 years of experience providing powerful core banking software to banks and financial organizations, we are leading the industry. Using our solution, more than 150 customers benefit from a complete system covering all aspects of their business. This is made possible by a comprehensive list of 200+ modules covering all Back Office and Front Office operations. Each company can freely choose the applications that best meet its needs. This modular architecture allows implementation of individual business modules; hence integration is easier, even if the system needs to work with tools provided by other suppliers. However, a large-scale deployment is the most efficient way to make the best out of our core banking software’s advanced features and powerful technologies.

Discover SAB's core banking software’s benefits

Not only SAB's core banking software fulfills all Front Office and Back Office requirements, but it includes many reporting tools and a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module. By consolidating data from other modules and transforming them into business knowledge, this CRM application helps companies improve customer relationships.

Having a real-time 360 degree view of a customer's transactions with the bank is also key to better risk management and responsible lending services provision. This means having the capability of delivering personalized and optimal services more quickly and efficiently across various channels thanks to each customer's interaction history analysis. These value-added offers can take several forms: relevant information, preferential rate or cross-selling opportunities. This strategy increases the return on their investment in marketing and sales actions. This is a great way to attract consumers’ attention in a climate of growing competition. In addition to improving their sales team performance, banks will significantly reduce operational inefficiencies and all related costs.

SAB's core banking solution is also more efficient thanks to FlowMind, our integrated workflow application, which can be used to integrate intelligent decision making into business processes. Furthermore, bank customers benefit from our new graphical interface as an intuitive way to use our applications, and can do their banking on multiple channels: online, on mobile, on ATM and in agency.

SAB, a partner of choice for banks and financial institutions

SAB has proven experience in supply of sophisticated core banking software and is committed to bring innovation and bring ROI to our clients. Our software is completed by a wide range of professional services. Our customers get an expert support at every stage, including pre-implementation of scope and consulting, integration services, project management, and personalized support packages after go-live.

To reach this goal, the majority of our 450 employees work in research and development. This approach has enabled us to provide our customers new software delivery models, for example SaaS, facilities management and Cloud computing. Results for our clients are IT infrastructure costs cutting and focus on delivering cost-effective products and services to their own customers. With a comprehensive professional services offering, SAB is a partner of choice for core banking software supply.

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