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Where to buy core banking IT solutions?

Core banking IT solutions are nowadays frequently used by banks for optimizing the processing of the data needed for their operations in back or front office or for some management tasks. SAB is now one of the most reliable IT solutions for banks and financial institutions you can approach for buying the ones you need for your business.

Core banking IT solutions editor

Integrated banking software which is developed by the company SAB is intended particularly for financial institutions that need to manage efficient infrastructure SI. The core IT banking solutions and software and integrated banking software developed by SAB can anticipate the needs of each institution and are programmable to any constraints (regulatory, tax...). Since its arrival on the market of SI in the early 90's, the company SAB is a leader in the creation, deployment and maintenance of integrated banking software and today, more than 150 organizations trust it.

Core IT banking solutions: choose yours well

Choosing a partner to deliver core IT banking solutions is a vital and strategic decision for any bank. The bank is entrusting not just its data but its reputation also. Your partner in core IT banking solutions should clearly be experienced in the industry and able to demonstrate considerable expertise. The technological and commercial requirements of the banking industry are complex and wide ranging and your technology partner should be able to offer a full enterprise wide suite of applications. Core IT banking solutions need to integrate with Front Office and Back Office systems and should have proven interfaces for communicating with these and other external data sources. It can be seen then that the demands placed on a banking software provider are considerable but those demands extend further than just software applications.

Selecting a core IT banking solutions provider

Clearly any core banking software vendor should be able to demonstrate clear experience and expertise in this complex industry. The software offer should encompass all of the bank's business and applications should be able to integrate with each other and external systems with ease. You should also be certain however that your core IT banking solutions partner understands your business objectives and can align any software solution to those commercial needs. That involves having the expertise in-house to identify opportunities created by advances in technology and apply them to client deployments to ensure those clients retain a competitive edge. In short, the core IT banking solutions provider should have the resources and experience in place to ensure a robust solution but also be nimble enough to adapt to change.

SAB as your core IT banking solutions partner

SAB has more than 20 years of experience in the banking software sector. With over 130 clients on five continents and a healthy reference community we are certain of our credentials as a core IT banking solutions provider. Our modular solutions are designed to be fully integrated and encompass all aspects of our clients' banking business, from Front Office and Back Office applications suites to comprehensive reporting functionality. We always strive to ensure we take advantage of advances in technology, with half of our 450 employees being involved in research and development. We also offer our clients Software as a Service and cloud computing solutions, removing much of the overhead of deploying core IT banking solutions and ensuring our clients can respond quickly to market conditions.

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