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SAB supplies credit institution software to allow all players in this sector benefit from the most recent technologies. A team of experts put their expertise at all steps of their digital transformation. They help customers choose the tools that best fit their needs and provide technical support during implementation process and after go-live.

Credit institution software designer

Speaking particularly about financial institutions, integrated credit institution software and credit institution software, developed by SAB should meet the particular of these establishments needs if they have to manage infrastructure SI. Integrated front office solutions for banking and integrated front office solutions for banking are customizable based on existing constraints (regulatory, tax...), and can anticipate the needs of each organization while reducing the costs associated with their deployment and investment. The company SAB publishes, develops, deploys and provides continuous monitoring of the back office for banking and today, more than 150 companies trust it.

Credit institution software suppliers

SAB is a leading supplier of financial applications with solutions covering retail banking, Islamic finance, private banking and credit institution software. With over 20 years of experience and 150 clients, our applications benefit from considerable client feedback and our credit institution software is no different -- we know what is required for success in this market. Our credit institution software provides our credit institution clients with comprehensive functionality across all areas of their business. Front Office modules include a commercial front-end for managing existing and potential client relationships. Functionality includes event warnings, pending movements management and products subscriptions. Further Front Office modules include credit simulations and credit application management, which incorporates a scoring facility, workflow and real-time decision making. The credit risk management module meanwhile manages all credit commitments and monitors exposure. All these modules address the needs of all business units across the board, encompassing a suite of robust tools.

Complete credit institution software from SAB

SAB's comprehensive credit institution software continues with a suite of Back Office modules. The authorisation and administration of credits module manages credits to private individuals, dealing with revolving credits linked to cards plus personal and property loans. The debt restructuring module administers the repurchasing of debt, changes to borrowers and reduction schedule modifications. Further Back Office modules include re-assignment of debt portfolios, guarantees received, unpaid items and doubtful debts. Domestic and foreign payments along with treasury and forex are also addressed. SAB's exhaustive credit institution software solution continues with Middle Office modules encompassing reference database management, client accounts database management and conditions and invoicing management. The credit institution software solution from SAB completes with a suite of steering modules. These include general and auxiliary accounting, profitability reporting, regulatory declarations plus an asset and liability module.

Choosing SAB as your credit institution software partner

At SAB, we know that even such a comprehensive credit institution software solution is not enough to serve our clients. That is why we offer a complementary suite of services which aid successful deployment and allow our clients to get the most from their software. Such professional services included pre-implementation scoping and consultancy, proven project management and tailored post-implementation support packages. We are also aware that our clients operate in an extremely competitive market and we strive to develop ever-improved products to enhance profitability and sharpen their competitive edge. To this end, around half of our 450 employees are involved in research and development. We have successfully brought new delivery mechanisms to our clients, including cloud computing, Software as a Service (SaaS) and facilities management. These advances allow our clients to concentrate on their business while SAB looks after the technology.

SAB supplies best-in-class IT solutions that help banks in enhancing customer experience across all touchpoints. Thanks to their scalable architecture, these IT solutions cover all banking operations. Considering the growing presence of digital technologies, this IT solutions provider supports players in the financial services and banking sector to attain operational excellence and up their income.

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