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Should you need a cost-effective credit institution IT solution, do not hesitate to call SAB’s team of experts. Depending on your business requirements, they will provide you with the software that will perfectly adapt to your needs and will help you implement it. Being a strategic partner for banks or financial institutions since 1989, SAB is the supplier you can talk to when you are looking for integrated back and front office applications for banking.

Credit institution solution supplier

At SAB, we are confident that our credit institution solution is one of the most comprehensive and robust solutions serving the credit institution community. Our credit institution solution is informed by more than 20 years' experience across 150 financial clients from all sectors, including private banking, Islamic finance, retail banking and, of course, our credit institution solution. Our Credit institution solution has been developed with a modular architecture to aid integration and increase flexibility. These modules provide our credit institution clients with an exhaustive solution covering all aspects of their business. The Front Office modules include a commercial front-end, which allows tracking of both prospective and existing clients while providing event warnings, pending movements management and both products and services subscriptions. Further Front Office modules include credit simulations and credit applications management with scoring facility, workflow and real-time decisions. The credit risk management module monitors commitments across all clients.

Back and Middle Office credit institution solution software from SAB

SAB Middle Office functionality within our credit institution solution focuses on database management and reporting, including reference database management, client accounts and conditions and invoicing management. Steering modules include profitability reporting, general and auxiliary accounting and regulatory declarations. Functionality is completed by asset and liabilities management and is enhanced by a data warehousing module. At Back Office level, our credit institution solution covers authorization and administration of credits with private individuals, including revolving card credits and both personal and property loans. Debt restructuring covers repurchasing of debt and changes to conditions with re-assignment of debt portfolios. Other Back Office modules include guarantees received, unpaid and doubtful debts, plus domestic and foreign payments along with forex and treasury functionality.

Credit institution solution services from SAB

SAB knows that a truly complete credit institution solution should encompass a full range of complementary services alongside our software offering. That is why we offer a complementary suite of services which aid successful deployment as well as allowing our clients to get the most from their software. That is why our clients can benefit from professional services delivered by our expert consultants, including pre-implementation scoping and consultancy, proven project management and post implementation support. We also know that we must change with the times in order that our clients retain their competitive edge. To achieve this we make sure that around half our staff is dedicated to research and development, constantly bringing enhanced solutions to our clients. This investment has led us to offer new software delivery models to our clients, such as cloud computing, facilities management and Software as a Service (SaaS) options.

SAB has an outstanding reputation for its complete software that help banks in improving customer experience on digital channels. Because of their increasing importance of new technologies, digital technologies revolutionize the ways banks are doing business ; in this context, SAB’s IT solutions gives a boost to banks’ operational efficiency and profitability With 200+ modules, these IT solutions offer a high degree of personalization according to each company’s particular imperatives.

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