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Since economic crisis of the last few decades, the banking and financial sector knew great changes, in particular thanks to the new offers made by the FinTech societies. The global solutions proposed by SAB offers a wide range of services adapted to the needs of the digital banking.

Digital banking, the bank of the future

The banking systems have its traditions that have been used since several centuries. The digital banking is a real revolution related to the numerous innovative solutions brought by internet end social networks. Pushing farther the possibilities offered by the dematerialization of services and products available with banks, this new concept of banking is characterized by the absence of a physical management agency and the presence of an official councilor: all the relations and communication with the client are made through social networks as Facebook. The technical part of the services is moreover subcontracted with specialists, especially the FinTech companies.

FinTech is a new word that came from the contraction of “Finance” and “technology”. This concept indicates a sector where companies that are specialized in the information and communication technologies use these latter for proposing financial services. Whether it is innovative offers (crowd funding, P2Plending, etc.) or new ways of proposing the classical services (mobile banking, digital payments, etc.), the aim is generally the same: simplifying the financial procedures and make them more accessible to non-professional people. This philosophy places the digital banking within the future activities of digital economy, as its parts of the market are now booming if compared to the classical banks.

The advantages of the use of FinTech services

As in several other business sectors, new technologies have brought great changes in the field of finance and banking. The fast development of FinTech is essentially due to the competitive advantages inherent to the dematerialization. More supple, direct and less expensive, the services of digital banking have all for seducing the clients.

While eliminating the intermediaries and administrative resources, a 100% digital bank can appreciably reduce its charges. Also, the subcontracting of the technical tasks and works allows to avoid the related investments and to mutualize the exploitation costs. On the end, this kind of bank will be able to make offers at low rate.

Beyond the quality/price ratio, the digital financial services have also a purely practical interest for the clients. Fully integrated in the internet world (especially the social networks and e-merchants), in addition, they propose a multichannel user experience as they can be used on computer or on other mobile devices (Smartphones, tablets, etc.) so they can be easily accessible for an everyday use.

As a major player in finance and partner of numerous banks, SAB offer FinTech solutions that can make your business model fit your ambitions and aims. Covering all needs and tasks of digital banking, our expertise allows us to offer you customizable and open tools that can help you to make your offers different, whatever your target market is (private individuals, companies, etc.).

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