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To provide their customers with an engaging experience across all online channels, FinTech companies need digital banking software. SAB is a publisher specialized in global solutions dedicated to banks and financial service providers of all sizes. The extended set of functionalities and services allow SAB’s applications to meet a wide variety of requirements.

FinTech revolutionize banking sector

Digital banking revolutionizes today’s banking world and its centuries-long traditions. These in-depth changes are linked to the various innovative features offered by the web and social networks. Further extending the possibilities brought by dematerialized services and products, this new banking concept works without physical agency and advisor. All client interactions and communication go through social networks like Facebook, whereas specialists, including FinTech companies, handle the technical part of the services.

The word "FinTech" was created by combining "Finance" and "technology" as a reference to a field where information and communication technology companies use all modern tools to provide financial services. In order to serve their ambition of easing financial procedures for non-professional users, they have developed innovative offers (crowdfunding, P2Plending, etc.) and new ways to propose standard services (mobile banking, digital payments, etc.) We are convinced that this vision makes digital banking and FinTech key aspects of digital economy, as it is evidenced by this market strong growth compared to established players.

SAB provides FinTech with dedicate banking solutions

New technologies have led to significant changes in many industries, including finance and banking. These past years, FinTech have quickly risen, due to the competitive advantages brought by dematerialized products and services. More flexible and cheaper, these offers perfectly meet current customers’ requirements.

Furthermore, a 100% digital bank can significantly cut its costs, thanks to a business model freed from intermediaries and administrative burden. Also, appealing to professionals to handle technical tasks and work avoid huge investments and allows pooling of operating costs. All these combined, this kind of player can afford to charge lower rates.

Apart from bringing good value for money, digital financial services attract customers with their practicality. Fully integrated with internet tools, especially social networks and e-business, they allow users enjoy a multi-channel experience on all electronic devices (computers, smartphones tablets, etc.) so that they can be easily accessible for everyday use.

Being a key player on international financial market, SAB provide banks of all sizes with FinTech solutions that cover all the needs and tasks pertaining to digital banking. You can rely on our expertise to get customizable and open tools tailored to your ambitions and objectives. They will help you go the extra mile whether you target individual or corporate consumers.

SAB develops innovative IT solutions that enable banks take advantage of the multiple opportunities offered by digital technologies in this industry. With their increased emphasis on digital technologies, new technologies disrupt banks ways of doing business ; in this respect, having this IT solutions provider as a partner is highly encouraged to attain operational excellence and up their income. Being modular, these software meet the banks and financial institutions specific requirements. SAB provides customers with professional services including survey, consulting, integration, and even after go-live, functional assistance is assured.

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