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In order to benefit from digital banking innovations, financial institutions of all sizes have to turn to an experience IT solutions supplier. Thanks to almost 30 years of activity in IT software publishing sector, SAB is a reference partner for banks and financial services providers. On top of back and front office applications, it offers customers with a complete range of high quality services so as to allow end users enjoy an optimized experience across all channels.

The importance of an extensive and innovative IT system

Considering the current market evolution, banks have no choice but to use digital banking innovations to deliver their services across all channels. With the major Internet players such as Google, Amazon and Apple invest huge amounts in technological solutions, banks cannot afford offering only standard services. To retain clients and attract new ones, there are a number of challenges to face.

These come from users’ changes in behavior. Customers now want to be able to manage their account wherever they are without having to move to the local branch to meet an advisor. More broadly, they call for more autonomy and, of course, for the best quality of services (swift and efficient processing, less administrative processes, cut rate prices, etc.).

It is therefore crucial for banks to implement a complete solution that can cover all the aspects of banking: services to individuals or companies, investment, payment tools and finance. In addition, the solution has to fit the requirements of big organizations that manage a huge number of clients and processes with the lowest operation costs.

Last but not least, the chosen core banking software must be completely modular yet adaptable to third-party systems so as to fit both functional and budgetary needs, as well as other specificities of the client company whether it is a bank or a specialized institution working in the areas of microfinance, crowdfunding, digital payment, etc.

Benefit from SAB’s global core banking solution

Specifically designed to satisfy the needs of financial companies, SAB AT is a comprehensive and evolutionary solution that includes more than 200 modules and 600 services. This flexible program is said to be “multi” system because it is available in several languages and can be deployed across multiple institutions and branches, using multiple account plans, channels and currencies.

If you run a financial company and want to increase its competitiveness, it is highly recommended to turn to a digital core banking solution that brings innovation. Thanks to its business services-turned SOA architecture, this tool allows automatization of the processes between front and back office and real-time management of your business.

Being an open system, SAB AT gives you the capability to communicate with technologies provided by other suppliers in order to serve an extensive customer base. You can entrust to us to perfectly meet your expectations. This is made possible by the range of services that we propose to best accompany our clients. It includes:

  • Consulting and project set-up: scope of a pre-implementation with proven methodology, development of interfaces and data transfer;
  • Corrective and evolutionary maintenance;
  • Outsourcing, SaaS and BPO (SAB services)
  • End-users training (SAB ACADEMY)

SAB sets itself apart by its turn-key software that enable banks grasp the numerous opportunities brought by digital technologies in this sector and engage customers. Thanks to their modular architecture, its tools adapt to the banks and financial compagnies particular challenges. Because it’s no longer an option for banks to invest in digital transformation, SAB’s tools gives a boost to banks’ bottom line

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