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Digital banking platform: the multi-channel solution

The multiplication of the channels forces the financial institutions to make great changes in their services, in particular the conception of a digital banking platform. This latter have to fill some criteria for being a real solution that can offer a better service to the clients as well as a good management toll to the bank. SAB AT, developed by SAB, is a banking application that is as efficient as simple to use.

The necessity of digital banking

The appearance and the popularity of new channels (mails, SMS, social networks, etc.) proposed by several mobile devices (Smartphones, tablets, etc.) change the clients’ behavior. As they are now getting used to the high speed of process and share of information, they demand a bigger reactivity from their banks. These latter have to enrich their clients’ experience through these several channels; and the innovation represents the cornerstone of this evolution. As well for councils as for payments, the technology should help to offer a better service and a high quality accompaniment.

As regards of the distribution, the banks have to provide the user more complete and global solutions, accessible to the majority and adapted to all generation. As for the council, the innovation’s aim is to give the clients all the elements they need for making the good decisions. The digital banking platform is now the most interesting solution that can fulfill those needs.

Digital banking platform: how to choose?

Several providers now propose banking application, but for the financial institution, the fact is that they have to find a solution that is as easy to use as efficient.

The tool they choose have to be:

The digital banking platform is used for facilitating the operation at the client level, but also represents a management tool for the financial institutions. It should allow a fluidity of all processes between the production and the distribution, as well as efficient internal control.

SAB AT, your digital banking platform solution

SAB is an IT company specialized in the banking applications’ domain. Present in the market since 1989, the group has now several sites in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Developed by the group SAB AT is a global digital banking platform solution. It is a “multi” system that can integrate several types of financial institution and branches, account plans, currencies and channels. Whatever the clients and the language used, SAB AT has a unique version that can use Latin or non-Latin alphabet.

This is a complete system that covers both back and front office, as the cross functions of management. Its modular conception allows targeted customization according to the change to make.

It is digital banking platform solution that is available on mobile devices channels for the clients, as it is an efficient management tool for the financial institution.

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