Digital banking platform

A digital banking platform to successfully transform your business

A digital banking platform provides all financial institutions with all tools that they may need to transform their business. With SAB’s IT solutions, they optimize their costs, deliver improved customer experience, improve operational efficiency and increase their financial results. Thanks to a full set of functionalities, its software can adapt to each company’s specific requirements. Completed by professional services provided by a team of experts, SAB’s applications for back and front office are recognized as one of the best in the industry.

The solution to satisfy new customers’ requirements

The huge expansion of new communication channels (mails, SMS, social networks, etc.) now available on various mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) have disrupter clients’ behavior. As they are now getting used to the high speed of process and share of information, they expect their bank to instantly respond to any of their requests. To optimize clients’ experience, these latter have to develop a multichannel offering based on innovation along with a second-to-none service.

As regards to distribution, banks have to supply all-in-one and global solutions suitable to people of all ages, regardless of their facility with new technologies. As for the consulting activity, the innovation’s aim is to give the clients all necessary elements to ease decision-making. A digital banking platform is the perfect response to all those needs.

The ultimate digital banking platform characteristics

There are many banking application suppliers on the market, but they are all not the same, in terms of features, efficiency, flexibility and price. Financial institutions hence have to carefully choose the solution that best fits their needs.

This means that it as to be totally customizable to allow changes without going through complex configurations. Furthermore, openness is required for smooth integration into the existing system. And last but not least, it has to be cost-effective.

Though a digital banking platform’s first aim is to ease operations for customers, but it is also an essential management tool for financial organizations. As a matter of fact, it allows all processes automatization from production down to distribution, helps to better serve customers and perform strong internal control.

SAB AT, the best digital banking platform solution

SAB is a world-renowned IT company specialized in banking solutions supply since 1989. Its expertise is acknowledged by companies from Europe, Asia, Africa and America, but also from other areas.

SAB AT is a global digital banking platform solution that covers all operations pertaining to both back and front office, as well as cross functions for management. Its modular conception (it includes 200+ modules) allows a high-level of customization according to each client’s business and specific requirements.

As a “multi” system, it can integrate several types of financial institution and branches, account plans, currencies and channels. Regardless of the clients and the language used, SAB AT has a unique version available with both Latin and non-Latin alphabet. And of course, it can be accessed on all kind of devices at any time and from any place.

All SAB software are designed to help banks in creating a positive cross-channel customer experience. Because of the increased emphasis on new technologies, SAB’s tools increases banks’ operational efficiency and revenues Modularity is one of its IT solutions’ most important strenghts ; as a result, they cover all banking transactions.

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