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SAB, the reference Digital banking software provider (s)

Relying on an experienced digital banking software provider is key to make the most of new technologies in financial services sector. SAB is the reference supplier of front and back office applications that perfectly fit banks’ needs. Its team also provides its customers with professional services. Since 1989, more than 150 organizations have partnered with this benchmark publisher to provide end-users with an optimized omnichannel customer experience.

Digital Banking software suitable to all financial institutions

Digital Banking software is an IT solution specially designed for commercial and retail banks as well as financial institutions. Featuring a wide range of tools and functionalities that cover all aspects of these activities, it is now essential to successfully operate their digital transformation.

It is used to handle all operations from front and back office for all branches of the network on multiple channels: Internet platform, mobile application, ATMs. Furthermore, it also allows client companies to streamline their processes and increase their efficiency and productivity, which makes it the perfect management instrument. On top of its own modules, its open architecture allows connection to software from other suppliers.

Regardless of the type of business, the number of users and the volume of transactions, a modern core banking system is flexible enough to allow custom configurations and therefore respond to any specific need.

SAB, a world-renowned digital banking software provider

Banking and finance are extremely sensitive activity, requiring a very high level of precision and security. In addition, they are subject to the multiple and strict regulations, with potentially heavy consequences in case of non-compliance. These forces all market players to rely on a powerful technological base.

Thanks to about 20 years of commercial activity, SAB has become a world-renowned online digital banking software provider. We offer extensive solutions composed of more than 200 modules that support all tasks from back office to front office.

These are fully integrated with web tools such as e-commerce platforms and social networks that have become central to interact with customers. These latter therefore enjoy a multi-channel experience, being able to access all banking services on their computer or on a mobile electronic device (phone or tablet). This contributes to improve customers’ satisfaction and helps retaining them, which is crucial in a situation of increased competition.

Being a key player in the digital banking field, we are committed to providing banks and financial institutions with modern, efficient, reliable and flexible IT tools that can perfectly meet their requirements. A highly skilled team carefully listens to each company’s concerns, imperatives and objectives and proposes a tailor-made solution that helps them cut cost, get technical and organizational agility and provide their own customers with cost-effective products and services. It is completed by expert support at all stages of the project implementation: analysis, integration, management, launching and even after go-live.

Moreover, because of evolving market circumstances, our solutions are constantly being updated and upgraded with additional functionalities. 450 specialists work for our Research and Development department to develop software capable of adapting to any significant change very quickly. A recognized expertise in banking technologies combined to a strong experience allows us to respond to all customers’ requirements.

SAB is widely renowned for its fully integrated software that help banks in building an exceptional multi-channel customer experience. In this age where digital banking transformation is critical, having this software specialist as a partner is essential to move towards operational excellence and raise their outcomes. Flexibility is one of SAB applications’ biggest advantages ; hence, they cover all banking business lines.

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