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Why resorting to a digital banking software provider?

Resorting to a digital banking software provider is the best way for benefiting from the advantages of the use of a reliable and efficient program for the management of all the banking operations. A provider will be able to council you for the software that would fit your needs.

Digital banking software for commercial and retail banks

Digital Banking software is an IT solution made for the banking and financial institutions. This kind of tool is mainly known as Core Banking Software is appreciated for the functionalities of its interfaces. These latter offer many possibilities to the commercial banks as the connection to other software that are modular and to the networks usually used by banks.

The core banking software are used by financial institutions as commercial and retail banks for recording and managing all the operations that are made on their account by the clients. One of the main advantages of this solution is the ability for the customer to realize any transaction from any branch of his bank. Moreover, it is a multichannel tool that allows the connection of the bank’s data base to ATMs, Internet Banking and SMS based banking.

As this solution will be used in many banks branches by millions of people, the banking software has to be compatible with any machines and IT used in any type of bank. Core banking system is now one of the management tools that can optimize the running strategy of retail banks, but it is also a great investment and it has to be well managed and maintain.

What about trading banks?

There are several different fields in which banks and financial institutions can be specialized in. Bloomberg is a company based in New York, USA and is specialized financial software, news and Data. Its financial programs include analytics and equity trading platform made for financial companies. All institutions that need them can access the tools from all around the world through its core money-generating product, Bloomberg Terminal.

Specialized in the distribution of solutions with complete line of Front to Back Office for financial information management, purchase order management, positions and risks, and financial instrument sales, Reuters has thousands teams spread all over the world. This company is also based in New York, USA.

Wall Street Systems is another American important banking software company that can be found in New York. Its specialties are the control and overall productivity for corporate treasury, improved workflow, central banking, bank treasury, FX trading and global back-office operations solutions. Within the back-office tasks, we can mention here the operation architectures that insure the permanent running of phone and computers, accounting and customer relations. Sales and marketing, personnel or not, is included in the front office tasks.

A brief analysis makes it obvious that banking businesses are interdependent. These financial institutions can so collaborate, especially by helping their customers to find the solution or the product they need if they do not propose it by referring them to the company that have it. The use of a common Digital Banking Software is the best mean to optimize the collaboration. Those solutions help optimizing the management of the operations as well in the front and in the back office. The customers also benefit from their efficiency as they speed up the processes and the transactions.

SAB, reliable online banking software provider

SAB is an online digital banking software provider for about two decades. We offer complete solutions that include 200 modules that support all types of banking tasks. As a major player in the field of online banking, we do our best for offering the banks and the financial institutions all solutions and IT tools that can perfectly fit their needs in terms of efficiency and reliability. Our Research and Development department have about 450 specialists that work for the creation on the best software according to the evolution of the banking domain needs. Our mastery of the digital banking technologies, our experience and our ability to take care of all the customers’ needs help us to provide the perfect solutions to our clients.

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