Digital banking transformation

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How to realize digital banking transformation smoothly?

You will not have to invest a huge amount of money or into a great IT changes to go digital. Even if some domains may need considerable investment, the financial institutions have already the majority of the stuff they need to do so. All they will have to do is to optimize them to fit the changes to come.

Optimize the use of the tools you already have

Several technologies of management and connectivity are used by banks and financial institution for optimizing the quality of their services and the different processes concerning their tasks and businesses: deployed imaging and work-flow systems, online servicing, capacity-management software, interactive-voice-response systems, etc. But in most institutions, those tools are not used at the maximum at their capacities as for this European bank that already has invested in a high-resolution-imaging platform that it has not still used it the way it should be. Before adopting digital banking transformation solution, it is essential to make an analysis of the way you use the means you already have and find out what may prevent the integration of the changes.

Adopt the adapted changes

Small targeted investment can help banks and financial institution to increase their efficiency with digital banking transformation. Implementation of digital solutions as e-forms and work-flow systems may not need great modifications to their IT, even if they want to integrate common solutions connected to other institutions. The documents are then spontaneously produced with the information needed as data and guides underwriters. In another European bank, the manual intervention concerning mortgages are significantly reduced by the modification it made to its application in order to fit standard rules and to allow the scoring and fast routing of the applications.

Choose essential aims

Changes can be mandatory in some areas if you want to carry out a digital banking transformation. But a total automation of a process or a product may not be necessary. Just focus on the solutions that are most profitable instead of undertaking great modification in all your system. Those fields may need more major operation that may be quite expensive as the retirement of obsolete platform, the implementation of digital solutions or the makeover of tasks processes. Retail banking business model can be greatly changed by digitalization. However, this option will surely bring many advantages to the European banks that decide to adopt it; but those who still hesitate have to accept the idea that they will have to do so in the years to come, to follow the movement.

SAB accompany you through the process

Including 200 modules that cover all type of financial institution and banks tasks and services, SAB’s solutions for digital banking transformation are global and complete. We are now one of the major players in the field of development of efficient and reliable online banking software. The 450 staff members of our Research and Development are totally involved in the production of tools stemming of the best technologies that can perfectly fit the banks and financial institution needs.

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