Digital banking transformation

Agile software to accelerate digital banking transformation

Digital banking transformation is no longer an option in order to remain competitive and be able to satisfy customers’ new requirements. SAB uses its 30 years’ experience in software publishing to provide banks with innovative solutions that enable them make the best of the most advanced technologies. This market-leading provider supports all companies throughout their online banking application implementation project.

Optimize utilization of existing IT tools

Banks and financial institutions all use IT tools for day-to-day operations and management. These technologies are destined to various aspects of the business: work-flow systems, online servicing, capacity-management software, interactive-voice-response systems, etc.

However, in most case, despite the huge amounts invested to deploy such tools, they are under-utilized. Therefore, digital banking transformation should start with the analysis of existing infrastructure to identify their real capacities and the possible ways to take full advantage of their potential. Next step is to define the improvements to be made, especially by upgrading current setup or by adding tools.

Introduce changes to improve the system

Within the framework of their digital banking transformation, banks and financial institutions have to adopt other IT solutions. And since this market is a very broad one, compatibility is crucial. Therefore, companies have to go for a system capable of communicating with third-party tools. Also, even though there is low risk of integration issues, it is better, as far as possible, to choose only supplier and through a large-scale deployment, fully benefit from the potential of its solution.

Taking all these constraints into consideration, the best software has to be global, include a wide range of functionalities and be completely open. Of course, it must be affordable to be accessible to financial companies of all sizes, including early stage startups with limited financial resources.

SAB, a reliable partner for successful digital banking transformation

Digital banking transformation is a complex process due to the very specific business requirements and imperatives along with a very strict regulation. Whether to update and upgrade existing IT infrastructure or to implement a new one, banks and financial institutions (retail banks, commercial banks, private banks, lending companies, microfinance institutions, fintech) have to rely on a complete and powerful solution.

This allows streamlining processes, increasing operational efficiency and productivity and significantly reducing costs. End-users can access all everyday banking services or more specific products across various channels. Enjoying enhanced experience results greater customer loyalty, which is essential in a context of increasing competition.

SAB’s software for digital banking transformation includes 200 modules that cover all operations and management task pertaining to banks and financial institution. Its wide range of functionalities allows customized settings to meet the specific requirements of all market players, regardless of their activity, size, number of customers and volume of transactions.

The combination of feature-rich functionality, efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness make our one of the industry's best online banking solution. And thanks to our team of 450 experts in Research and Development, it is constantly improving to adapt to frequent changes in regulations and technologies and to evolving customers’ need.

SAB sets itself apart by its fully integrated software that enable banks to create an optimized customer experience through electronic channels. Because it’s no longer an option for banks to invest in digital transformation, this software vendor helps players in the financial services and banking industry to get to operational excellence and raise their bottom line. Modularity is one of SAB IT solutions’ biggest benefits ; as a result, they fulfill the banks and financial institutions specific challenges.

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