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Choosing an experienced integrated software provider is key to make sure to have the tool that perfectly fulfills the requirements of a bank or a financial institution. SAB supplies back and front office applications for players in banking and finance industry since 1989. In addition, it provides them with end-to-end service that makes it a leader in this field.

Integrated banking software provider

The banking software and integrated front office solutions for banking developed by SAB predict the needs of each institution and can be configured in different environments in which they will be deployed. Aimed primarily at financial institutions the integrated front office solutions for banking published by the SAB group should meet their particular needs the need to deploy infrastructure SI. The company specializes in editing, creation, integration and maintenance of integrated front office solutions for banking and at present, more than 150 organizations have placed their trust in it.

Integrated banking software by SAB

Clients looking for a technology partner correctly look for a company with an integrated banking software offering, but what exactly is meant by integrated banking software in this context? Words like 'integrated' are often thrown around in technology circles without due regard to what this means in a business context but for SAB this is an important concept and our suite of banking software applications is truly integrated on a number of levels. We think that true integration has three key areas to satisfy. The first sort of integration is obvious to most and is what many people mean when they use the term integrated banking software. Our comprehensive software offer includes more than 200 modules to address the full range of our clients' requirements. Clearly it is fundamental that they operate together seamlessly and they have been designed from the ground up to do just that without time consuming maintenance of applications interfaces.

Integrated banking software and external systems

At SAB, however, we know that true integration means more than just an enterprise wide suite of modules which communicate easily with each other to aid the flow of information and business intelligence. We realise that many of our clients have legacy systems and external data sources. That is why we also design our integrated banking software to integrate with third party systems. For many reasons clients may choose to retain existing systems and our applications are designed with open interfaces to ease integration with other data systems. Indeed, we offer a wide range of 'best-of-breed' business solutions to integrate with existing software platforms. With over 130 references in this area our expertise in third party integration is clear.

Your business goals and integrated banking software

Many suppliers of integrated banking software overlook this last area. At SAB we know that it is vital that our integrated banking software integrates not only with other technologies but with your business goals. Our software is designed to support you as you move forward in your business and to help you meet your business objectives. More and more SAB clients are benefiting from technology delivery models which allow them to concentrate on their business while SAB looks after the IT management. We also have half of our 450 employees who are dedicated to research and development and this commitment has allowed us to offer new software delivery models to our clients, facilities management and cloud computing. We are proud to have more than 20 years' experience in the banking software sector. Only by integrating our software into your strategic plans and objectives can our software be said to be truly integrated. We at SAB design our software solutions around your business goals to enable you to grow your business and compete in the marketplace. By aligning our applications to your business needs and the requirements of your customers, we are confident in delivering truly integrated banking software.

SAB develops premium IT solutions that allow banks to provide their customers with an engaging digital experience. Thanks to 200+ modules, these IT solutions allow a high level of personalization according to each company’s specific requirements. With their increasing importance of new technologies, new technologies radically overhaul the ways banks operate ; in this context, this software vendor helps players in the financial services and banking sector to move towards operational excellence and supplement their profitability.

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