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To fully enjoy the benefits of an integrated banking solution, it has to be purchased from an experienced and reliable vendor. Thanks to almost 30 years of activity in software publishing, SAB has become a reference supplier of applications dedicated to banks and financial institutions. In addition to cutting-edge tools, its team of specialists provides a broad range of services.

Integrated banking solution

The phrase 'integrated banking solution' is bandied about all too easily but for most it is a simple concept. To many it simply means that the software controlling one aspect of a bank's business exchanges data with the software from that same vendor which controls other business areas. This is certainly useful but at SAB we think it is a rather one dimensional approach. When we talk about our integrated banking solution we talk in more dimensions, perhaps four. Certainly our SAB integrated banking solution is a modular suite of applications which communicate meaningful data between each other to create business knowledge. We achieve this without onerous maintenance of interfaces but that is simply the first dimension.

Four dimensions of an integrated banking solution

The second dimension is integrating with third party data sources. While we at SAB offer an enterprise wide integrated banking solution, we understand that many banks with to retain third party applications in some business areas. That is why we offer our software as both a single solution and as discreet business specific modules. This approach means that we have plenty of experience in ensuring that our software integrates seamlessly with other software applications. The third dimension of a truly integrated banking solution is perhaps more subtle. This means integrating our technology with your business goals and objectives. We do not agree that building excellent software is an end in itself. Nor do we agree that it is enough to simply automate tasks. Instead we concentrate on aligning our integrated banking solution with the way you want to do business. That means delivering solutions that increase profits while improving competitiveness and commercial advantage.

Taking our integrated banking solution to the fourth dimension

Many scientists consider time to be the fourth dimension and we at SAB agree. Taking our integrated banking solution to the fourth dimension means integrating with future advances, trends and new demands. It means engineering software that is future proofed. It also means building software that can grow as your business grows and adapt as your business needs to change. We believe that this is a far more rounded approach to designing banking software and one that will stand the test of time. This is why we have a comprehensive and integrated offer, from Back Office and Front Office suites to extensive reporting capabilities. Our systems can be deployed as a single, or enterprise wide solution, covering every aspect of your business, or as a specific business solution. We also believe that our 20 years of experience in this marketplace, coupled with a comprehensive professional services offering and an open approach to developing a business partnership with our clients, makes us the leading choice as your banking software provider.

SAB supplies innovative software that allow banks to improve customer experience on all touchpoints. With the increasing importance of new technologies, partnering with this supplier is advisable to achieve operational excellence and increase their bottom line. Having the advantage of flexibility, its software allow a high degree of customization according to each company’s specific needs. In order to avoid any problem (bug, delay, data loss, etc.) during transition, SAB’s offer include professional services including survey, consulting, integration, and even after go-live, maintenance is handled.

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