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If you want to benefit from integrated banking system advantages in your bank or financial institution, you have to carefully choose the solutions that you will use. You can ask for SAB for the buying of your solutions, we can help you to make the best choice.

Integrated banking system designer

SAB Company specializes in publishing, development, deployment and support for back office solutions for banking and integrated banking system. Since its creation, the company has worked in partnership with more than one hundred organizations. Meet the needs of financial institutions in terms of information systems; this is what engages SAB as a leader in the design of integrated solutions for banking. The banking CRM software and integrated front office solutions for banking system developed by SAB can anticipate the needs of each institution and can be programmed based on existing constraints including regulatory or tax.

Integrated banking system

The use of the term 'integrated banking system' is widely used but perhaps not fully understood by everyone. For most people, an integrated banking system refers to the system's ability to have different business software units 'speak to each other' by exchanging data. Certainly this is an improvement over previous systems where information remained isolated in data silos, providing little business intelligence. Even some more modern systems require extensive maintenance of interfaces between applications to allow continued sharing of data. At SAB, however, we have an altogether different approach to delivering a truly integrated banking system. The SAB system is certainly extensive, boasting over 200 modules and covering every aspect of the bank's business. That modular design though is engineered specifically to allow for seamless data exchange between all areas of the business.

The SAB approach to an integrated banking system

By causing data to be easily exchanged between modules and business units, SAB's integrated banking system allows banks to create a single view of each individual client, creating more opportunities to develop a profitable relationship and a more rigorous risk management regime. SAB's integrated banking system can be deployed as an enterprise wide system covering all areas of banking business but our integration expertise extends beyond our own systems. Banks who prefer to retain third party applications can still benefit from SAB's solutions by installing SAB software for individual business units in a 'best of breed' approach. Our expertise in integrating with third party applications will still ensure that departmental data is transformed into enterprise intelligence. On the other hand, our integrated applications also provide an elegant end-to-end solution for our clients.

Delivering a truly integrated banking system

SAB knows that delivering outstanding software solutions only goes part way to creating a truly integrated banking system. Just as important is ensuring that our technology is integrated with our clients' business strategies and objectives. That means aligning our software with our clients' long term plans and making sure that our software delivers real business value which improves profitability and sharpens our clients' competitive edge. SAB prides itself in being a leading banking software vendor, fully providing a featured suite of applications encompassing both Front and Back Office solutions along with monitoring tools. But more than this, SAB also is making sure that our technology is integrated with our services offering to ensure that customers receive the best advice, project management and support before, during and after implementation. Finally, we need to be certain that our software is integrated with future technology developments to ensure that we, and our clients, are always one step ahead of the competition. At SAB, we think that this is truly an integrated banking system.

Responding to all banking institutions needs in terms of information system is what SAB commits to. This group is known as a specialist of powerful and flexible SaaS banking software supply. SAB’s banking software is designed to meet each institution’s specific needs and can be programmed based on existing constraints (legislation, fiscal rules). SAB specializes in development and deployment and support for back-office solutions for banking. Over 30 years of existence, it has established partnerships with more than 150 organizations.

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