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Internet solutions for banks and fintech

Considering the importance of digital technologies for FinTech and bank, Internet services become mandatory in order to meet the customers’ new expectations. As a publisher specialized in banking software, SAB is a strategic partner for financial institutions of all sizes. The company provides complete yet flexible IT solutions for both back and front office tasks.

FinTech, tomorrow’s internet bank

Already well implanted in the USA, the FinTech know a promising development in France.

The FinTech are counting on the digital technologies for optimizing financial growth and increasing the attractiveness of the online banking. And that works. Some services of FinTech were rapidly and easily adopted when they offer solutions to immediate needs as the foreign exchange market.

From the users’ point of view, the FinTech for internet bank offer undeniable advantages: the simplicity and the accessibility of the services. Actually, there is no need of making several administrative procedures for asking for a credit or for buying on credit. Another argument that advocates for the FinTech: the services are less expensive thanks to the digitalization of the contacts.

More innovative solutions should be proposed by the FinTech to the internet banks in the years to come; their part of the banking market is more and more important. The demand of on line automatized financial services for a real estate loan, a loan or automobile insurance is also constantly increasing.

SAB AT software: a complete and evolutionary solution for FinTech

Made to fulfill the needs of all types of financial institutions, SAB AT is intuitive software that allows realizing different operations in front or back office, as well as the cross function of management.

This tool that is in the forefront of technology has an open and large configuration that gives the banks the possibility to customize their tasks and the pricing, and to easily adopt the regulatory development. For the FinTech that needs a perfect fluidity, SAB AT is the adapted application for optimizing the management of their operations. Flexible and automatized, this solution allows a real time management of the risks, the positions and the management of tasks and exchange between trades and players.

The SAB AT software covers all the banking businesses. It already has integrated business processes and allows the automation of these latters thanks to its BPM solution. While opting for this program, you choose a production tool that will help you make a considerable saving of time and a better control of the costs. Moreover, you will benefit from the functionalities of an efficient tool for managing the huge volume of data or users.

The SAB AT software has proved itself for more than 20 years with about 200 financial institutions in 25 countries. Moreover, SAB AT has also been deployed and used on the base of a “by request” services in more than 26 financial institutions in Europe and Africa.

All IT solutions developped by SAB are designed to enable banks to provide their customers with a great digital experience. With their growing importance of digital technologies, new technologies deeply change the ways banks operate ; in this context, this software vendor helps players in the financial services and banking sector to reach operational excellence and supplement their bottom line. Composed of 200+ modules, its IT solutions meet the banks and financial institutions particular imperatives.

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