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Should you need powerful IT solutions for your bank or your financial institution, you have to make the best choice among all internet banking software providers on the market. Thanks to the flexibility of its software, it can adapt to your specific needs with no compatibility issue with existing information system.

SAB, internet banking software providers

Since it invests the segment of SI in the early 90s, SAB is specialized in the development, deployment and maintenance of internet banking software as a provider. And since then it has continued to develop partnerships with more than one hundred organizations. Meet the needs of banks that are managing infrastructure SI is what engages SAB which is a reference in the edition of integrated front office solutions for banking and financial establishments. The banking CRM software and integrated front office solutions for banking developed by SAB can be programmed according to any constraints, in particular regulatory or tax and allow to identify the needs of each organization while reducing deployment costs and investment costs.

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SAB has long been one of the leading internet banking software providers and our experience has taught us much about this vital part of our industry. We have developed a fine reputation in this field and have more than 130 clients on five continents and 450 staff, of whom 50% are dedicated to research and development. Initially banking software reflected the way that banks did business. This was mostly carried out in branch and perhaps by letter and banking software stayed largely behind the scenes. Then banks moved to adopt telephone banking and banking software changed to allow banks to accommodate their customers in call center environments. The most significant change, however, happened with the spread of the internet and suddenly internet banking software providers were there to take advantage. The online banking boom forever changed the way that banks and their customers interacted. Customers were more empowered to carry out their own banking transactions without having to worry about branch or contact center opening hours. They could keep up to date with their account activity in real time and do their banking business from the comfort of their own home or, latterly, on the move from their smartphone.

Integration and internet banking software providers

The banks benefited too from the applications provided by internet banking software providers. Less investment was required in branch networks and call centers and banks could therefore concentrate resources in providing better services to their clients. As experienced internet banking software providers, SAB knows that such solutions cannot exist in isolation. Instead internet banking software providers must ensure that their solution integrates smoothly with core banking systems, Front Office and Back Office applications and other customer contact channels. In order to achieve this, internet banking software providers must demonstrate robust integration experience and expertise.

SAB as your internet banking software providers

SAB has over 20 years of experience in developing and deploying banking software solutions. Our solutions encompass all aspects of a bank's business and are delivered as enterprise wide systems or business unit specific modules. We have some 150 banking clients on five continents. that has given us an incredible breadth and depth of experience in integrating banking software solutions, both with our own and third party applications. We are also dedicated to ensuring that our banking software is constantly being updated to make sure that our clients stay at the forefront of technology. That is why around half of our 450 employees are involved in research and development. Our services team meanwhile delivers professional pre-implementation consultancy, proven project management and tailored post-implementation support. It is this combination that makes us an ideal choice as your internet banking software providers.

All IT solutions supplied by SAB are designed to enable banks to build a great cross-channel customer experience. With their increased emphasis on digital technologies, new technologies deeply change banks ways of doing business ; therefore this IT solutions vendor assists players in the financial services and banking industry to reach operational excellence and increase their income. Flexibility is one of SAB IT solutions’ most important strenghts ; as a result, they can be personalized according to each company’s particular requirements.

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