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At a time when digital technologies play an increasing role in finance industry, using Internet banking solution is mandatory for all market players. The aim is to reach operational excellence and provide customers with a positive omnichannel experience. SAB is the reference supplier for back and front office applications.

The Internet banking solution and other new channels

The first major innovation in how banks communicated with their clients was the advent of telephone banking. Clearly the telephone had been around for a long time but its use for banking transactions was slow to spread. With the new telephone banking model, customers could call their bank and instruct them to carry out transactions on their behalf, such as paying bills and moving money. It was simple but efficient. It also saved money because fewer branches and tellers were required as people preferred to do their banking quickly by phone, but telephone banking still had limitations. The bank was required to create call centers to handle calls and banking staff still had to access systems to carry out transactions on behalf of customers.

When the Internet appeared banks were much quicker to see the benefits of an Internet banking solution. All services are available on all kinds of any device with access to the internet, laptop or PC, mobile phone or tablet, even connected TV. As if they were in front of their advisors, customers can perform a wide range of basic or advanced banking operations thanks to a compatible version that adapts content to the screen size, shows customised homepage with clear navigation menus, etc. Bank can instantly interact with each customer with relevant information and promotions that are relevant to them, personalized offers. On top of optimized experience for customer, this improves targeting, enhances marketing campaigns ROI and generates maximum revenue to the bank.

Benefits of an Internet banking solution

An Internet banking solution brings many benefits, both to the customer and the bank. The Internet banking solution is essentially self-service, which means that the customer carries out his own banking transactions. It does not need the intervention of banking staff. For the bank this can mean huge cost savings, with no call center to operate and fewer tellers and branches required to deliver the Internet banking solution. For the customer it means they can do their banking whenever it suits them without worrying about branch or call centre opening hours. At the same time they have real-time access to their finances. This means that there is a more integrated approach to the online system as it is just one strand in a multi-channel customer contact strategy which encompasses branch, telephone, ATM, and mobile components. SAB's Internet banking solution exactly excels in this as it sits in the centre of a multi-channel customer model including call centre, ATM, SMS and counter service, delivering the precise contact your customers require when they require it.

SAB develops best-in-class software that help banks in building a great omnichannel customer experience. Flexibility is one of SAB tools’ major benefits ; therefore, they satisfy the banks and financial compagnies specific needs. With the increased emphasis on digital technologies, this software provider has a mission to assist players in the financial services and banking sector to get to operational excellence and up their income.

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